Can I get one of these snazzy Virus bags in Canada?

  • I have no idea where else to post this.

    I want to get the very sick looking Virus TI Keyboard Performer Bag in white, but the dropdown on the Store page doesn't have Canada in the list. Is there a distributor you guys work with here I can get it from?


  • I have the full size Access bag (in black). With this, even the monstrous weight of the TI1 KB is really a breeze to carry around, especially if neatly counterbalanced with my X stand in the other hand. I think they call that a cantilever arrangement. I bought a proper hard Gator case with fitted foam for it in the early days of ownership, but I can't imagine using that again in the near future as the gig bag seems to provide plenty of protection and does seem to be very well made indeed. I'm even happy to have it exposed to a few minutes of light rain if necessary and may give it a silicone spray if that ever sems to become the rule. I toyed with the idea of a white bag but figured it would start to look dirty pretty quick and I prefer dirt on my lead or bass patches and not on my gig bag, thank you very much :)