automation w/o virus VST (total integration)

  • I appologize in advance if i am asking something apparent.
    Is it possible and how to use automation with Virus TI without going the the Virus VST. I'm asking since my experience has been that automation via the VST extremely problematic. Using more then 6-7 automations tends to crash my virus. This is to the point of making automation (again in my case) almost unusable.
    Hence i am wondering if it is possible to automate the virus via midi CC, et all, instead? ('m using version, on cubase 6 [64bit])
    Again, this might be a trivial question, hence i appologize if i don't see the forest of all the trees.

  • Hi,

    of course, it's possible. There's a Virus MIDI CC list somewhere, I don't remember the link but that shouldn't be hard to find.
    The only drawback is that because of the limited number of MIDI CC (128 controllers max) there are some Virus parameters which aren't assigned a MIDI CC. You can automate those by remapping them using the MOD matrix.

    By the way, if you're planning to ditch the Virus Control, why don't you have a look at my Virus TI patch-holder VST plugin ? :D

  • Thanks for the reply. Of course, i should have know it in the first place. That said, i'll give it a try. Also, did some search last night, and indeed found a reference doc. for cc midi mapping on virus ti. For reference, her it is.…oc_view&gid=520&Itemid=30

    Also, thanks for the reference to Virus TI patch-holder VST plugin. Indeed, i looked at this a couple of weeks ago. At that point, however, i gave up since the VST acted up in my DAW (Windows 7, 64bit, Cubase 6).

    I followed the steps, however, when i get to step 3 (Choose "Virus TI Synth" in both comboboxes at the bottom of the plugin window) i start having problems; i.e. clicking at the bottom boxes doesn't work for me. When i click it, the vst ui starts flickering briefly (i see the options showup briefly). In all, it turns out i can't select 'Virus ti synth' from that list.

    Any thoughts why this might be? (fyi: i'm running cubase in 64bit mode)

    Quick start:
    - create a MIDI track in your DAW.
    - insert an instance of AceMidivirus into it.
    - Choose "Virus TI Synth" in both comboboxes at the bottom of the plugin window.
    - Then click "receive" on the parts you want to download from the synth. They will be saved when you will save your song.
    - If you have tweaked controllers and want to restore the original state of the patch, click "Send".
    - If you want to load/save patches from files, the export/import buttons will do the job.

  • When i click it, the vst ui starts flickering briefly (i see the options showup briefly). In all, it turns out i can't select 'Virus ti synth' from that list.

    You may be facing a limitation of the r69 version. I've put online a new version that removes the need for MIDI-OX and all that stuff, still bypassing the host for communication with the Virus. Download it here.

  • Sorry, took a while to me getting around this.
    That last download you posted worked (still acting up a little bit, but it works). I clicked received. and it seems to have 'received' that bank.

    Now, though, what exactly is happening? That is, what exactly did i 'receive' (are these midi CCs that i can now tweek?) In addition, do i have to instantiate virus (via the controller) via VST? I assume not, based on what i pasted in below. Seems like i can play virus now directly via midi. That said, do i have to create a new midi track, and how exactly will that track take the acevirsumidi88 vst into account?

    This is what you wrote in a seperate tread. However, i'm still not entirely sure what about all the steps i might have to accoutn for! :( ****My VST plugin is ready for a release. It's basically a patch-holder which communicates with a Virus TI through MIDI.
    It's called AceMidivirus, and it's a fake VSTi plugin you load into a dummy track and which gets loaded/saved with your song.
    When loading your song, it switches your synth to "sequencer mode" and sends the song patches to the different parts.
    fyi: i'm using cubase 6, and I'm happy to give you more details as to my question if need be.

    Thanks again. ace17


  • Hi,
    I just added a README file that should answer your questions. I'm not sure if I'm being exhaustive here, so if you have more questions, don't hesitate, I will add them to the file! I don't know a lot about Cubase, infortunately, but I assume you know the basics, like creating a MIDI track, assigning it an output, etc.

    Here's a link to the README file : here

  • ah! excellent. That readme was very helpful. It answered all my questions, for now. By the way, the vst works well (cubase 6, 64bit, windows 7), i.e. saving patches (and resetting them/sending).