Crystal Method remix comp. Resubmission

  • There's some great ideas in your mix but I'm feeling there's the mix and then the vocals - the two seem to be entirely seperate at the moment.

    It sounds like the mix could use a good deal of EQing on certain parts so that each part has it's own space to occupy and then the vocals could find their own space as well instead of sitting 'on top' of the mix.

    Out of interest are you mixing on monitors or hifi speakers/headphones?

  • Ouch, you're spot on. I mixed it all using headphones, over a couple of days total. Of course, voting has already begun, so too late to change anything now. Absolutely appreciate the feedback, since it's pretty much my first attempt at remixing. Overall I was quite satisfied with the mix, and surprised to see how well it's doing in the competition 'relatively speaking'. I understand eq is needed, do you think it's a question of panning things out more as well and maybe adding reverb/delay etc as well?

    Above all, thanks for the feedback!

  • Try to fit the vocals close to the middle together with the kick and bass that are centered. Fit all other sounds around those kick and vocals.

    Start with putting only kick and bass on then try to fit the vocals to sound right with it. From there do the rest from low to med sounds from tight pan up to high sounds that are wider with more presence thus more pan to the outsides of the spectrum.

    It's beter than your first one no doubt. :thumbup:

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  • Good advice all around. Thanks much :)

    I'm going to have a go at improving the mix with the frequency panning in mind as well as the vocals. Feels like I'm learning quite a bit from this remix comp. A good exercise indeed.


  • Yeah i'd agree with Monomeester. I almost always start with a kick and bassline. I just find it easier mixing around those than trying to fit them in later. I've always found it impossible to mix on headphones and only really use them for composition. If you've got monitor speakers then mix only on those and if you haven't got any now you know why they're so vital!!!! :D

    I found it took a long time to 'get' mixing, EQ, panning etc and really it's just about experimentation and practise. There's plenty more remixes to do anyway!