Dave Smith Mopho

  • So I got virus snow, But just picked up the Dave Smith Mopho. I'm thinking that now gives me Five separate tracks of analog synths. So the question is... Does anyone else have experience with these too synths ? I know one is Monophonic and the virus is poly, But if you compare the sound from this little $399 USD box to the TI Snow. Its pretty amazing !!!!

    The DSI Mopho definitely has more low end on a lot of the presets. Although you can boost the EQ on the virus. I'm very happy with this setup, looking to use the mopho for crazy monophonic baselines, and the virus for pads, leads, and big chords.

    While the virus snow is easier to program and had TI with your DAW. If your into standard Midi and Analog outputs. I'm happy with this setup and looking forward to creating records.

  • Great Idea, ever since I bought my Virus, I just can't use soft synths anymore. So the hardware purchases begin. The DSI Mopho was second. Does anyone have any ideas for my next purchase ? Maybe a Prophet 08 ?

  • Prophet 8 is essentially 8 Mophos in one case, so unless you need polyphony, you already have that sound :) The question is, do you want analog or digital?

  • I say grab the best type of synth that you can afford. What is the best is subjective, but grabbing different types is a plus. What I mean by different types is Analog, Virtual Analog, Workstation...etc. I feel like the best VA is by far the Access Virus TI and the best Analog is a Moog Voyager. If you are looking to by another synth consider that different synths sound different and have different features. For example: I use a Access Virus TI as my main Virtual Analog but I also use my Korg MS-2000 which is also a VA. While the Virus is by far my favorite, the MS-2000's vocoder and step sequencer blow the Virus away for me. You have to determine the features that you are looking for and then go get them.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Okay, I really don't care about the whole analog / digital thing. My main thing is moving away from SoftSynths, and getting hardware synths. In a very competitive remix business. I feel the only way to stand out and be different is to spend money on classic keyboards that can't be illegally downloaded or traded VSTs.

    Btw a friend of mine just got the Korg M1 soft synth program, and it sounds nothing like my actual 20 year old Korg M1 keyboard.

    But yeah, stay tuned for links of my remixes with these products !!

  • If you are a hardware junkie and you do remix work, you might consider getting some synths and drum machines by Acidlab. They are putting out some very cool Analog hardware. I do a lot of remixes myself, and I highly recommend a Kaoss pad and a sampler. I now mostly us Ableton for all of my samples, drums and FX now due to the fact that I feel that the only thing current software technology lacks in is Synthesizers. Don't count out ALL VST synth though. There are a few out there that are amazing, but at the end of the day you have find what it is that you are looking for.

    Post a link to your soundcloud please.