Does the Waldorf Blofeld have a VST control like the Virus TI?

  • From the reading I did, no it does not, but maybe that has changed?

    Can't see how u can parameter tweak easily on the desktop version of the Blofeld, there are less dials than the Virus Snow. And it is without control VST.

  • I have seen some VST-like interfaces created using CTRLR, but I have never personally got these to work satisfactorily. There has still been nothing from Waldorf themselves.

    The matrix interface on the Blofeld is okay for creating sounds once you get used to it but not ideal for live tweaking. I find the Virus Snow much easier to use thanks to the Virus Control VST and the three knobs below the screen can be usefully configured to tweak the right things.

    The Blofeld is *almost* a great synth but the lack of VST support and couple of annoying bugs let it down.

  • if you have max for live, i am pretty sure there are a few blofeld instruments made by max heads... this allows you to assign the things you want to a controller very easily. or just change in the max instrument, and makes automation a lot easier.

    i am in the process of attempting to make a max4live instument as a front end for my DSI evolver desktop.

  • There are several Blofeld editors out there, which allow you to view all parameters on-screen and edit them, as well as receive patch information from the Blofeld itself. I use one pretty often to edit my patches. Can't use it to automate parameters, but then setting up midi controllers as mod routings is pretty painless with an editor as well.

    Google Blofeld Editor and you'll come up with a few solutions!