I run an imac how does the virus ti snow works with usb connector on an imac?

  • Which model of iMac?

    I have an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz iMac running Snow Leopard, which is about 4 years old now and that works perfectly with the Snow over USB.

    There are plenty of examples on these forums of folks with the newer i5 and i7-based macs having problems due to the internal USB hub architecture.

  • That sounds good - probably the slightly faster model of the iMac I use. If you look at the USB configuration in System Profiler and you see a lot of USB Buses listed, that is a good sign. My iMac lists 5 USB Buses and 2 High-Speed Buses. This means that I can plug the Snow into a USB socket where it is the only device on that USB bus.

    I have not tried running any music software under Windows 7 on my mac, so I do not know how well it works. Should be fine with OS X. I use Ableton Live and Logic.