Virus TI running at 96khz

  • 88.2khz is an exotic sample rate? lol.. alright that's my cue.. I'm out. You can hang out and post in this topic but it's relating to something beyond your needs or understanding. You seem to have too much time on your hands but you could attempt to do other people the courtesy of instead involving yourself in discussions relating to things that DO tie into your needs and understanding.

    I'm not going to bother bringing up sample rates again in this forum. The people who are concerned with that are generally not sitting around on the Virus forum killing time. .

    I am way too late to the party but I agree on everything you posted on this forum. The problem is you are dealing with hobbyists and you let yourself get carried away. The virus dev team are out of touch with today's reality on professional new generation artists and tuned to the hobbyist crowd and some dinosaur era artists that is their main source of income. I had a studio session with a top beatport name a week ago and man oh man did virus end up nowhere in the track compared to Serum, Diva and Massive. If you want some peace of mind and a VA tha rivals todays modern plugins try the nord a1 (or the lead 4). Its the only thing that actually bares a modern sound engine and its half the price of the virus. It doesn't have the looks or the VST of the virus but its sound is up there with the greats.