Display actual values?

  • Perhaps some lookup tables could be added alongside a toggle in the Config menus where you can decide if the displayed values for everything are in a 0-127 (current) setup, or if they're in real value formats. It would make syncin' envelopes to a tempo a bit easier, because it's pretty easy to convert a duration in seconds to a BPM: ms/60 = BPM. Since all values on the unit are definitely fixed, it's really just a parameter display request, and wouldn't affect any change in programming sounds. I know i would like to know the actual frequency that the filters are set to, compared to some generic value. The EQs already display fixed values, and are definitely broken up into 127 discrete values for the Frequency selection, same goes for the Gain value. 32db range, broken into 1/4db steps = 4*32 = 128steps.

  • im curious where you got ms/60 = bpm from.

    bpm is a frequency and should automatically be something divided by time,

    i.e. beats per minute = 60 / duration in seconds (or freq in Hz * 60).