The Tutorial Manual by Howard Scarr

  • I wholeheartedly recommend that every new,
    and old,
    Access Virus owner,
    complete the tutorial manual.
    It is well worth the effort,
    I must say,
    a lot of fun.

    I used to think,
    that i had,
    a good grasp on sound design,
    and a good understanding ,
    of the capabilities,
    of this wonderful machine.

    I was,
    I admit now,
    sadly mistaken.
    in fact,
    i was purely,
    and utterly,

    I must now thank,
    for giving us a wonderful instrument,
    with the sonic depth of the ocean..

    I also must thank,
    Howard Scarr,
    for teaching us the breathing techniques
    that allows us to function at/in such depths.

    yours sincerely and gratefully,

    Brendon Leary.

    aka/ a.mobius.trip