Get more outputs from your virus TI

  • Hey everyone

    This Tips and tricks area was looking pretty dead so i thought I'd kick start it off!!

    So we all (should) know that we can get three outputs in VC via the usb outs, usb1 usb2 and usb3. However it is also possible to use the analogue outputs aswell! Just go to common part of VC as normal for selecting outputs and choose the stereo outputs instead of the usb outs!

    As i have done a few times before is to use my first three sounds through usb1,2 and 3, then use the next three sounds through the analogue outputs on the back of the virus, really handy for routing through external compressors, mixing down without bouncing etc.

    So thats six outputs in total!!! pretty handy eh! :L

    So there you have it, a nice wee start to "tips and tricks", hope this helped some people who weren't aware you could do this


    Ben - Prolodic

  • hm...can´t you use the analog outputs also when you switch to usb outs? can you describe this a bit more

  • hm...can´t you use the analog outputs also when you switch to usb outs? can you describe this a bit more

    Hey mate,

    When you have a sound in VC being outputted through USB, it will only output through USB directly into your DAW. However if you select one of the analogue outputs in VC instead the part will be routed to the outputs on the back of the virus and you can then take the signal wherever you want.

    Doing this is only really helpful if you have enough inputs on your audio interface to connected the virus to, otherwise you may not be able to get the sound back into your DAW.

    If you do have an audio interface with, say, eight inputs, you can connect the virus' outputs and still have a couple of inputs free for vocals, guitars etc.

    Also a thing to remember is if you are using your virus as your soundcard then the first stereo output is already being used by your computer, but if you have a separate audio interface that you are using for your main ASIO driver, all of the outputs can be used for individual parts.

    Each part can only choose one of these outputs at any one time.

    Hope that helped bud

    Ben - Prolodic

  • yes that part is clear, i have a fireface 400, so i´m not using Ti as soundcard

    but what you are saying your trick is to change to Stereo Outs and also Use the Usb Outs

  • Each part can only choose one of these outputs at any one time.

    That's not technically true, you can put a part through the surround output, too...

    I agree, though. Actually, I never use the USB outputs for recording (i find them too flakey) I use the S/PDIF output mainly, though I use the analogues, too, if I'm lazy - but using all the parts does mean i can have six parts going to six different stereo mixes at a time - much easier than automating mixing to different FX, etc...

  • i dont have the sample/bit rate specs to hand.

    But its the best output on there - the fact you can get super accurate stereo sound connection from a single phono cable is great

  • hm...can you use the spdif together with the other outputs?

    when i use the spdif it automaticly switching to 44.1 you cant switch it in the sequenzer, is it locked?

  • as far as i know, it will switch to 48kHz automatically if that is what your sequencer is running at...

    The SPDIF runs as an alternative to output 1, that is, the same audio comes out both - output 2 and ouput 3 remain the same as analogue outputs

  • This is a good tip.

    I have several very good reasons sitting in my rack to use the analog outputs from time to time and get all "old school" with 1/4 inch cables (isn't it so funny how little we use cables now).



  • off topic: I use lot's of cables

    But if you use cubase 4.x or 5.x you can route the analog outputs of your virus back into cubase and compensate the delay as well. so you have 12 mono outs or 6 stereo all in sync with each other. :)