Solved some big issues with USB, DPC latency, krackle and out of sync problems!!!!

  • Dear Community,


    OS: Win 7 Pro 64bit
    Mainboard: Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 (rev. 3)
    Ram 16 gb Kingston
    CPU i7 2600
    USB 3 PCI Express (Attention - only for RME Fireface UC to run solid, Virus will not be detected by this Renesas Chipset)
    Ableton 9 (worked with Ableton 8.34 and 8.4 too)
    Virus TI V2 Desktop

    DPC Checker v.1.30 (current max at 142u) when i use Ableton and the Virus together.

    Using Onboard Grafik

    First i wanna say, i was very close to give back the Virus TI. I was thought, the problem is the Virus Ti only, but after some checks and discussions with the support, i lately found out the real reasons.

    1. Check your Interface/Soundcard first, if it is connected well. U should do the same like you would do for the virus, get a free and safely powered usb connection. U have to check, what usb chipset is best for your
    soundcard, check the forums to get some ideas.

    In my case, i bought a USB PCI Express Card with a Renesas Chipset, (they produced NEC before) and the RME is running extremely smooth even with 80 Tracks Projekts and more.
    I run Ableton at 48 khz and 24 bit.

    2. Deaktivate USB 3 onboard devices if possible, USB is still not ready to work flawlessly in my opinion,

    3. Win 7 Energiemanagement - Win 7 is deaktivating unused ports or reduces the power needed for some slots. What you need is a stable USB Power, so deaktivate the settings. Look thru the menu to find more
    possible engerie saving problems, like powersave for HD, (i set 120 min), otherwise your Ableton Projekt will start slowly after the original setting of 20 min.

    4. Virus TI is like a nasty diva and doesnt accept every place on your computer ;) U need a free USB with no other devices sharing this place. Keyboard and Mouse should be on an extra USB Root. In my case,
    i finally plugged the Virus in the left front USB Slot, cause this uses not USB 3 and its on the other USB Roothub than Mouse and Keyboard.
    If you need a PCI Express or PCI Card, the following Chipsets wont work with Virus:

    NEC Chipset since Win 7
    Renesas Chipset
    Via Chipset in general

    I think, if i would have to buy a USB Card, i would choose a TI Chipset (Texas Instruments) but not tested yet ;)

    With this setup, the Interface / Soundcard and the Virus can communikate flawlessly

    I expected, the Virus Ti to work like a solid Vst and it does a good job now, what i never thought before.

    "Generally i think, modern producers wanna have a synth that can be used like any other software VST on your computer. This is Analog, the good old thing, where your music is born from,

    so dont expect the sound to be exactly the same every time, the slightly modulations and behaviour of your (Virus ti) is what it makes so special and unique!!!"

  • I think the problem different motherboards get with usb 3 etc, is the IRQ's i'm just learning about them and my MB share firewire with the 1 of its raids. Which is a shame for me as my audio inteface is firewire and my system is raided.

    I also noticed that even though i'd managed to find 1 individual USB port (only sharing with internal ports), ideal for the virus, this same port happened to be the 1 of my 6 hubs (why that many?) that shared IRQ with like 4 other things, not good.

    I wish we could get MB's, that were high standard/quality with hardly anything on them. instead of throwing as much in as possible, stripped down ones. Usually the stipped down ones are the cheap one. I also wish windows had a workstation mode and a desk top mode. 1 simple click to turn it from a does everything to a designated, workstation. So many devices running that arn't needed. Even when you go through the lists turning things off.