Patches permanently going out of tune

  • I have read some of the recent threads and replies about some patches having tuning problems. I have v5 the latest OS. i have just experienced the same. I use it in full USB mode.
    The key completely goes corrupt and always up-scale. The problems have been with Arpeggiated patches. I tried adjusting the tuning of the oscillators but that does not work. I examined modulations to see if VCC had sent down a funny change that made a parameter move without been asked to move. But there seems nothing.

    I have tried to save the patches in VCC and then recall them but the patches get corrupted. Even when recalled to another track.

    Has anybody found a way of reseting the patches so they go back to playing back in the normal key? :wacko:

  • does it go out of tune by about 1 1/2 notes?

    I will check marc tonight, but judging from the shift of the patch in to complete inharmony relative to other notes, its likely it has shifted by that amount.

    Why do you ask, is there a way of taking the patch back to the correct key? :)

    I will add, its not the whole instrument that goes out of tune. Only a single patch in a single channel. Other channels are fine.