Fruityloops11 virus ti output

  • I watched all tutorials and rode like 10 manuals and i still can´t figure out why there is only 1 output @ my virus Ti Desktop..... i load the tutorial project in fruityloops, still one output , if i look in my other DAW ( studio one ) my virus works just fine but i can't figure out why in fruityloops 11 theres a problem , i dont get any warnings orsomething even close.

    Please help :(

    the problem is that the 3 outputs are not shown in my virusti settings ( knob with the wheel, "tab" Processing)


  • The max you can get out of the virus is 3 out puts. I'm currently working with FL10 and 11.
    I'm actually in your same boat.
    The FL project provided by access and all the threads I have read still only allow me 1 output and noway to record the audio in its highest quality.
    Hopefully there is someone using the Virus in FL 10/11 that has a solution cause I would be grateful.

  • my memory is a bit fuzzy on this so there may be one or two inaccuracies but the thrust of it is right;

    I 'think' this is because of automatic delay compensation.

    The 'fix' they gave was to just switch off additional outputs, as apparently no outputs is better than delayed outputs.

    There was a dialogue when you first opened it mentioning such a problem with ok and cancel - ok actually implements this fix whereas cancel would have avoided it.

    The only way I undid this 'fix' was to actually delete it from the registry (as uninstalling VC did not remove the entry). There may be a more elegant way to undo it, but if you know how to use registry editor then that certainly works - the dialogue then comes up again and you click cancel (or whatever the 'negative' option was...).

    I don't remember if disabling automatic delay compensation also brings them back and I'm not in a position to test it.

    Hope that helps...