Pitchmodulation using filters in Virus TI.

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to make this sound:


    @ 0.46 sec in the clip.


    So my question is:

    How do I make this sound using the VIRUS TI2?

    My problem is when I'm trying to layer a detuned saw with the supersaws I've created in VIRUS TI2, and assigning a pitch modulation to envelope 3 in the filter (to get the type of hoover sound/screechy saw), I tend to go out of tune. How do I get it back in TUNE with the other supersaws? this is what it sounds like:


    @ 0.33 you can hear both of the sounds together. And separate before that.

    How do I get it in tune but still having the pitchmodulation affecting the lead? I want that effect, but I want it to still stay in tune. As you hear it's not in tune after the modulation has taken place.

    Answers are HIGHLY appreciated as I've been trying for a while to nail this type of sound. The answers would mean alot to me as this is a primary source of sound in my productions.

    Thanks alot!

  • can you take a screen shot of the virus ti lfo screen,osc scfreen

    How much pitch bend are you applying?

    Sure, do you have skype or anything? I hate communicating about help here on the forum.

    I would very much appreciate that.

    Thanks alot!