Best DAW Live Use

  • I have a new TI2 and want to use it live, both as controller keyboard and of course for its wonderful synth capability.

    I've looked at a couple of software offerings. Ideally Mainstage would be the best but the lack of full integration is a problem.

    Does anyone have any thoughts/comments re the best software package to use for full integration - obvious contenders being Logic X vs Ableton Live.

    Either way I have quite a learning curve as have not used either previously.

  • Thanks. I tried the Live demo but it seemed to have more latency. I seem to be doing better with Logic Pro, with the addition of OnStageX to manage changing projects. Life would be much simpler with Mainstage but I am told that is never going to happen.

  • Thanks for that - the "Live" button made a big difference. I really like the Session View in Ableton - pity it is so expensive unless I can get by with the basic version. Stock pianos don't sound all that good though - will definitely require some kind of addon.

  • I can't remember why but the use of the Live feature when using Live is a must otherwise the latency is horrible when playing keys. Ableton Live is a little pricey but worth it especially if you're into performing live without being just a DJ. In regards to Pianos I use Native Instruments Kontakt, NI products are also pricey though, as is anything worth having really...