enable physical midi @ USB

  • hi,

    i am new virus-owner since august the 04.2014.

    i am not really satisfied with the mention of "total integration" with the virus-ti2.


    ok - indeed in the TI-Mode (USB-Mode) i have total contol of Sound-Parameters and access to the overwhelming soundlibrary,
    thats really nice...of course


    no way to play those sounds directly into the sequencer,
    because the internal keyboard is out of function while USB-Mode!

    please fix that soon :)
    1. enable physical midi @ USB, or
    2. make it possible playing direct-midi-out to sequencer of choosen patches via USB.

    cheers :)

  • what do you mean you can't play the sound?

    what daw are you using?

    Are you using the virus as a soundcard?

    You can play the virus via usb with the total integration mode and get sound out of it and record directly into the sequencer?

    can you explain a little more in the spec of your computer and what your doing, so we can try and figure out a way to help you.


  • hi warren :)

    to 2.: i use cubase 7 on PC (Win7-64-Bit)

    to 1: jup, in USB-Mode the claviature of the virus-ti2-keyboard is offline.
    no way to use it to play in the choosen patches into the sequencer.

    (you may turn on "local on", on virus-ti2, to play the patch, but no midi-events will be sent by this way)

    the only way to enjoy the USB-Mode is to attach an other keyboards midi-out to the midi-in of the virus-ti2,
    during USB-Mode.

    still, that works very well, but you have to set up another keyboard in your studio-environment.
    i dont want that.

    In "Single-Mode", without USB everything works fine, just like every other synthesizer.
    i could use this mode of course, but then i have to deny the cool functions of patch-browsing, and patch editing via software...
    i dont want that too ;) :D

    to 3.:
    no, i dont use the virus as soundcard, because i had another soundcard in my daw before.
    all my virus-ti-parts are routed to the MainOut: "out1 L+R". there is no use for me to use the "USB1 L+R".

    to 4.:

    Noooo!!! ;) thats my problem.

    in USB-Mode the claviature of the virus is disabled.

    i have read the last three days busy through the forum to get information about that issue,
    and there are a lot of other users with that same problem.

    the answer, in my opinion, is:
    ---> during USB-Mode virus ti2 is not able to send midi-data out to the sequencer to save bandwidth.

    if i am wrong---> enlighten me :thumbup:

    to 5.:

    ok, no problem :)

    a: load cubase 7: virus jumps to "sequencer-mode"
    b: in cubase7: load an empty cubase project
    c: load virus-plug-in as "music-instrument"
    d: choose a patch with the mouse in the patchbrowser.
    --> virus shows accurate all the patches i"m clicking on, in the patch-browser.

    so far, everything is good.

    e: start trying to play the choosen patch via the virus-ti2-keyboard:
    ---> nothing happens. no midi-events are sent, and no sound hearable.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>keyboard is completely diabled<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    what do you think?

    meanwhile i"ve attached another keyboard to the midi-in of the virus-ti2,
    and can play the patches, but thats no solution for me,

    so far :)

  • kosh - it works fine. why don't you have a look at the manual and read up how things work or get in touch with support by email.
    cheers, marc

    hi marc :)

    i did read the manual :) ten times, and i"ve set-up everything like it described in the manual :)

    (i know that the problem is sitting mostly in front of the monitor ;) )

    i am wondering about "hundreds" of other users with the same problem.
    the solution for them was everytime, to use an additional keyboard, to plug that into the "midi-in" of the virus-ti2 / or route it to it.



  • i am wondering about "hundreds" of other users with the same problem.
    the solution for them was everytime, to use an additional keyboard, to plug that into the "midi-in" of the virus-ti2 / or route it to it.

    in your initial post you refer to the internal keyboard ("internal keyboard is out of function while USB-Mode") and in your next post it is an addition keyboard? now i'm confused.
    nevertheless, i'm happy that you "solved" your issue but please don't refer to a problem "hundreds" of users have. that's simply wrong. as it turns out, you haven't solved your issue at all, you simply haven't taken the following into account:

    when you connect a Virus TI to a DAW using USB, the internal keyboard as much as the MIDI connectors in the hardware become PORTs which are accessible by the sequencer. The Virus switches to Local Off which means that it sends MIDI events but it is not directly connected to the sound engine anymore. The reason behind that is simple: the sequencer receives the events and plays them back on the track selected. it loops MIDI from the Virus TI keyboard back into the sound engine. If the Virus in question wound't be "Local Off", you would play two notes when you hit one key. That's simply how MIDI works and no problem with Total Integration.


  • hi :)

    actually everthing works fine now!

    the point was, that i"ve had to install the additional USB-Bracket, of my mainboard-extras-box, to make that thing work.

    for everybody else with initial issues to hook-up the virus ti mk2:
    ---> please be sure to not use the standard-usb-ports! use the delivererd additional usb-bracket of your motherboard-supplies, or buy an additional usb-card for your computer, to ensure the virus ti can make use of the full bandwith of usb, to work well.

    cheers :)

    German / Auf deutsch:
    Hallo, falls Euer Virus nicht gleich starten sollte sorgt bitte unbedingt dafür, dass ihr einen extra USB-Anschluss installiert, denn die eingebauten USB-Anschlüsse sind meist gekoppelt, und führen dadurch zu Problemen.

    Gruß :)