Completely lost...Don't even know where to begin?

  • I've had my TI2 polar for 3 years now... and '"m still unsure of how to hook it up?

    I just use standalone mode but I bought it to use the TI feature...but I'm about to give up.

    I've read all the setup guides, tutorials, youtube, you name it...I just can't get it to work.

  • OSX 10.11.14
    Ableton 8 (64 bit)

    1. There is a hissing or sizzling from track 2
    2. and only the "pre fx" channel lets sound other audio tracks via there respective midi channels.

    Also I've reset and updated to current version

  • Well, I don't know if I have this right either, I just recently started using it in TI mode...

    For starter only the latest two versions allow for 48khz operation, so assuming you have that, your audio project should also be 48khz.

    Put the TI on an effects or common track (One that is shared). Make sure it's output is the main outs, or another shared track. Make sure you have delay compensation turned on.

    Redirect each normal track note/midi output to the shared track. Daw dependent.

    In the TI, drag each sound to the appropriate channels on the left.

    I use another soundcard for the audio outs, not the Virus. I suspect if I used the Virus outs, my computer would explode.

    Voila! There you have it. You can also bounce tracks.

    Some notes:
    1) Standalone apparently sounds much better.
    2) You should be using a hub that supports MTT, which makes sure each device on it translates the speed to a higher rate, rather than slowing down all USB to the slowest device.
    3) Some people on Windows discover that the USB ports use an IRQ that's shared with something evil, like video cards:…_request_(PC_architecture)
    4) You might need to enable "Live" mode to reduce latency. I have no idea if this should ever be off.
    5) I actually noticed in my DAW that it's better for me to record just to a midi note track and then afterwards redirect that to the TI.

  • MrMowgli thanks for reaching out!
    Your tips worked, except I keep getting stuck at different points...
    When I loaded my template that worked yesterday now the Audio is tainted with a buzz when I play keys and
    my Channel 2 midi track has an even louder buzz and when theres no keys played
    When I do get the Midi tracks to go to the TI common track I can only get two separate ones...

    Im afraid before I throw my Virus against a wall, or give up all together I'll just have to use stand alone mode...but the tiny windows are so annoying!

  • Now everything works absolutely fine...
    I've gotten 4 midi channels to work.
    I'm pretty excited, but there's a twinge of an everlasting bitterness because I'm ever so afraid something else will go wrong.

  • Dude, you got this.

    More importantly, the odds are there will always be weird stuff. My biggest piece of advice is: Once you have it working, don't change anything ESPECIALLY don't upgrade your OS. Just leave it unconnected from the internets. The world changes, but the Virus does not.

  • setting up the TI2 can mean some trial and error.

    I found that on my computer the virus prefers only particular usb ports and it is also fussy about the quality of the USB lead!

    Before doing anything make sure you are at 48,000Hz

    It really does sound great with tons of control.