DUSTONS.COM - Cinemotion Vol.1 Virus Ti2 / Ti SoundSet (16 Free Presets)

  • DUSTONS.COM - Cinemotion Vol.1 Virus Ti2 / Ti SoundSet (16 Free Presets)

    Dustons.com are proud to present “Cinemotion Vol.1” is the first chapter of the new soundset series for one of the best and most used hardware synth in history – Access Virus Ti. This sound bank offers 128 amazing presets aimed at Cinematic, Ambient and Chillout music. The presets are categorized in multiple categories: Atmos, Bell, Choirs, Flutes, FXs, Organ, Pads, Piano, Plucks, Rhodes. Each of these presets have been carefully crafted by top sound designers that have been in the sound design industry for years.

    There are so many soundsets available for Access Virus Ti filled with “Trance Supersaw Sound” and so little soundsets that aim at cinematic sounds. But this sound bank will also work with any musical genre. Whether you are producing sountracks for films and video games or when you produce genres such as Ambient and Chillout, these beautiful, relaxing patches will give you fresh ideas, original tones and the creativity that you were looking for!

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    DUSTONS.COM - Cinemotion Vol.1 Virus Ti2 / Ti SoundSet (16 Free Presets)

    If you want to get more information and FREE PRESETS from this soundset, please go to the link above and click DEMO PACK button.

    Genres: Cinematic, Ambient, Space Music, Chillout, Electronica, Video Game Soundtrack, Trance, House, Breaks, TRAP, POP and more.

    License: For one USER

    All content is 100% royalty free.

    Sound bank content:

    ✘ Atmos x16
    ✘ Bell x 1
    ✘ Choirs x 4
    ✘ Flutes x 2
    ✘ FXs x 15
    ✘ Organ x 1
    ✘ Pads x 80
    ✘ Piano x 1
    ✘ Plucks x 8
    ✘ Rhodes x 1

    Number of patches: 128

    Format: Midi

    Requirements: DAW software programs – Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Protools, Access Virus Ti / Ti2 / Snow / Polar

    Produced by: DUSTONS.COM

  • Sounds epic! Tho i was missing some Hard hitting noise/drums you should be able to create those cinematic war drums type sounds with the virus. I know i did with Sylenth1, and external distortion tho, but since you have so much more distortion/saturation options in the Virus it should be able to create it in the hardware only!
    Just something to think about in your next cinematic soundset! :)