DUSTONS.COM - Deep Reaction Vol.1 Virus Ti2 / Ti SoundSet (16 Free Presets)

  • DUSTONS.COM - Deep Reaction Vol.1 Virus Ti2 / Ti SoundSet (16 Free Presets)

    Deep Reaction vol.1 from Dustons.com is the first chapter of the new soundset series for one of the best and most used hardware synth in EDM production – Access Virus Ti.

    Drawing inspiration from UK Garage, Deep House and Bass, we present to you a stunning collection of 128 presets / patches for Access Virus Ti / Ti2 synth, packed full of deep and warm basses, beautiful keys, evolving pads, punchy plucks and many more. All presets categorized by type for easy searching.

    Deep Reaction vol.1 is perfect for anyone looking to get into the hottest genre of the last few years.

    If you’re looking for a fresh new set of fully rounded Access Virus Ti / Ti2 presets, full of the freshest sounds from today’s Deep House / Garage / Bass Music scene then check out the demo and buy Deep Reaction vol.1 TODAY!

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    DUSTONS.COM - Deep Reaction Vol.1 Virus Ti2 / Ti SoundSet
    If you want to get more information and FREE PRESETS from this soundset, please go to the link above and click DEMO PACK button.

    Genres: Deep House, Nu School Deep House, UK Garage, Bass House, Future House, Tech House, Techno and more.

    License: For one USER

    All content is 100% royalty free.

    Sound bank content:

    ✘ Arps X 3
    ✘ Atmo X 1
    ✘ Basses X 32
    ✘ Bells X 6
    ✘ Choirs X 3
    ✘ Guitars X 11
    ✘ Keys X 26
    ✘ Leads X 17
    ✘ Pads X 3
    ✘ Plucks X 23
    ✘ Stabs/Pads X 3

    Number of patches: 128

    Format: Midi

    Requirements: DAW software programs – Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Protools, Access Virus Ti / Ti2 / Snow / Polar

    Produced by: DUSTONS.COM

  • So .....

    Some words about this commercial set from Dustons.com. I was very lucky that I tested this product these days. It's a set ideal for many kinds of electronic music, especially for house and techno.
    I have to say I was impressed by the detailed programming. It is a very clean-sounding set. Many patches sounds like crystal water. Huge basses, sophisticated keys, inspirational plucks,
    modern leads, super guitars, atmospheric pads ( only 3 I wanted more ) and useful bells, no need to modify, ready to synthesize immediately . Definitely one of the best set I heard this year.
    Highly recommended. I can state with confidence that people at Dustons do perfect work. They give you exactly what you want, 128 unique patches, no less than 128.
    Well, it's time Dustons.com for a very special and strong Ambient - Drone set , I am waiting ...