How to use the Virus TI with Cakewalk Sonar?

  • Hello,

    I got my synth a few months ago and I'm having big trouble to make it work properly with Cakewalk Sonar.

    Basically what I'm trying to do is to write a few tracks for different parts of the synth and then record automation per part. Unfortunately the automation lanes are on the Virus Control Plugin Track and NOT below the corresponding MIDI tracks. I know this has to do with the synth not sending MIDI but this way it really gets frustrating to copy, paste and edit particular parts. Arranging is a nightmare. I asked the Sonar guys already and they are clueless now I'm asking you Virus People how to deal with automation. Is there actually a sequencer in which the automation lanes can be connected to the corresponding MIDI parts?
    I took a screenshot of the issue:

    Thanks in advance for ANY solution

  • That image isn't large enough to tell what is happening. Any chance you can make it larger?

    I don't use sonar myself, but can you record sysex and midi cc per midi channel? If so, that should work. If you are trying to automate directly from the plugin, you probably are only going to be able to do it globally.

    Try recording in true multi mode (aka legacy mm). Perhaps this is what you are looking for.

    I am attaching a copy of a sysex and cc list I created a few years back.

  • Yes what you describe works well for the non TI line. With the VC Plugin enabled the synth doesn't send MIDI CC or Sysex to the computer so it doesn't work.
    But nonetheless I think I broke the synth today. I switched on my computer and loaded my project from yesterday and it stays silent. Doesn't react to any keystroke or MIDI anymore. I did the following: Restarted the synth several times, restarted the software and computer several times, Reinstalled the software, checked every available protocol... Nothing. It's so sad

    edit: Okay, got the issues sorted out: The Virus wasn't reacting due to an issue with Sonar, but I fixed it so nothing wrong here.
    For the automation business I figured out a nice workflow. The Tracks I want to edit get moved up until they are next to the corresponding automation lanes, then everything gets color coded and I can easily copy & paste.. phew!

    edit2: BTW when you click on the screenshot you get 100% original size