Snow switching multi patch

  • Hi,
    I will buy a Virus Snow, I wanted it to process my bass guitar, my voice and, of course, use the virus oscillators with a MIDI keyboard. Everything at once, one source - one part.

    And I want to know the waiting time when you send a Program Change by MIDI(not USB) to switch to another multipatch (4parts). Is there silence?
    Do I need to change the whole multipatch? or maybe I could change only one or two parts. Could I do both?

    Thank you very much!

  • There's an old post on here about something similar, worth trying to find it using search. There is certainly a delay when switching patches, so there's a few tricks to reduce this when using a DAW. Not sure if you can reduce it just over MIDI.

    Processing guitar with a Virus is a lot of fun! Not so good for voice, but it depends what you expect. Not a good vocoder at all, but can certainly gate sounds and destroy them pretty well! :)


  • If you a playing a patch on the Snow and send a program change message, it takes a few seconds before it actually changes to the new patch, so the old tone keeps playing. (No gap or silence.) I guess there would be a similar delay changing to a new Multi. I've never tried this over MIDI, only from Ableton.


  • Hi
    I am thinking about a DIY foot controler for turn on the effects instead of switching programs Maybe it would solve the problem of waiting time

    Another question I have is the input noise floor, I want to keep the headroom and the quality of the signal while using those effects. Is the input noise floor of the Snow at 69dBs??? Have you got other experiences?

    There is the post where a guy says about the 69 noise floor

    Thanks again!!

  • I just posted this on Infekted - have only heard a background hum noise on my Snow when Input mode was on and I didn't have anything plugged into the inputs. Haven't gone and measured noise with a bass plugged in and the volume down, but I don't remember any problems at all.


  • If you are new to the Snow on Mac it might be worth installing it on PC. If we are not wrong (could be) the installation on PC comes with additional patches we haven't seen on the Mac install. It was a surpise to be able to load the backup patch libs for the Virus TI2 serie into the Snow TI/MK1. Backup Libs for the TI2 series did not install on the Mac (if we are not wrong). Have fun :)