NEW VIDEO - ALL THE INFO - about all the different Virus models, features, capabilities, etc.

  • Just uploaded an informational video about the whole Virus line.......(Hoping I got most of it correct)

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  • Hi, Will! Greetings from Ottawa! Not as picturesque as Nelson, for sure.

    I'm just discovering your Virus-related videos. Haven't worked through all the comments posted on Youtube, but in this one you don't mention that Kemper, who makes the Virus, is refusing to update the TI software, so that feature is pretty much useless now for Mac users on the latest OS, and definitely for anyone who acquires a Mac with the new chip.

    My guess is that for somebody with your amazing background and depth of professional experience, the need to use the Virus basically as an un-integrated hardware synth is not a big issue. But, for any new purchasers, and for those of us to relied on the integration of audio via midi, not on the analog outputs. it's a major annoyance, to say the least.

    That said, this video was so very informative. I had no knowledge of the previous models and the all details you had at your fingertips, was simply amazing. So, "Grandpa", thanks for this excellent video. Made me want to roll up my sleeves, and spend some quality time exploring the amazing instrument that I own. :)