• Dear Access: can you guys please help make either of the following work - i am not picky, as long as one option exists, then I am fine. am currently using 3.3.4 i think.

    1) can you please either make the next release allow the up and down keyboard keys change to the next or previous patch in VC - bypassing Pro Tools ... because for Native Instruments Reaktor and other plug-ins - they allow these keys to bypass pro tools when the plug-in window is selected.


    2) Because this does not work, the next way i tried doing it was on the TI hardware with the value + - buttons... but this does not work either to change patches in VC >> of course naturally one would expect that option because the name on the hardware display matches up to whatever patch is selected in the VC plug-in... so then why does the Value +- not go to the next patch in the selected VC bank? why make the display react to and match the patch selected in VC and not make the value keys have any effect?

    It is absolutely bizarre why you should not be able to switch to the next listed patch in VC with the value + - selectors. What does it do? When i try that it goes back to the previous bank i was in when I was not in VC mode! My pro tools situation is now in the land of the absurd.

    This is a sad sad situation for me because my wrist and forearm suffers from all sorts of chronic problems and pains if i click the mouse too much. I simply cannot with my wrist select patches with a mouse if i look through thousands of patches. please help. please at least make either up down or the value + - to select the next or the previous patch. this is so important and fundamental of a request for pro tools users.