Hi i'm looking for a preset on Virus Ti Polar

  • Hi, another guy told me about a interesting preset on his Ti Polar, it should be called Detuned AV.
    I can't find this preset on my Virus Ti Desktop, any change someone could make this bank/preset available here? I have looked on the website i only see "new banks", i guess what i'm looking for is somekind of backup bank from the Ti Polar that involves that sound.
    It's supposed to be in eRom-A 24
    I would really like to have that preset, :love: ;(

  • Thanks dude, however that patch was a huge dissapointment, i guess you should never trust people's judgement online.
    This patch was supposed to sound like David Guetta - Sexy Bitch leadbass, but i think i did a better job myself using softwaresynths, here's my version, i forgot to turn the delay/reverb of on some patch tho, sorry about that.

    That's something like i want it to sound, however i feel my recreation with softwaresynths are a little flat/dead sounding, so i figured if i learnt how to do it on the Virus Ti it might sound better.
    Anyone any clue of how to do it? I tried the settings from V-station on the Ti, but since the FM or ringmod seems to work different on the virus, i can't get that same affect, or something similar, maybe cause i don't know my virus too well.