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    Yawn ... feels like I've been waiting for this since - well, since I got my Virus ...

    This post doesn't help - Marc has explained but yet, somehow, posting every 2 months does make me feel slightly better.

    VENT! VENT! VENT! 8o


    (feel better)

    Great posts guys - I've ordered the cables and they will arrive in the week.

    I'll let you know how I get on with the set-up but thanks for the pitfalls.

    To be honest, I've decided to sell one of my synths (Tetra, as I now have a Prophet '08) so I have space for all my synths again, but I am curious to get this working, as it would still free up a stereo analog channel for the Virus Ti3 :)

    I'll let know know how I get on - if i go quiet though, don't think I'm rude - it's just that I'm due back in hospital next Sunday for a few weeks - so if the cables are not here by next weekend, if might be a while before I get to try this out.

    Thanks again,


    hey guys,

    I'm running out of inputs on my Ultralite Mk3 interface and was thinking that I could use the digital outs of S/PDIF instead of the 2 analog L&R outputs
    The thing is, I know NOTHING about S/PDIF - nothing at all.
    My set up is Windows 64 bit, Ultralite Mk3 interface, FL Studio 9.6, Virus Ti2 Keyboard
    I like to 'jam' with my other hardware keyboards outside of the DAW/VC envirnoment as well as (obviously) when in DAW mode.

    1. I don't know what cable to get to - but I could google that :)

    2. Does S/PDIF basically 'work' and carry all the voices, as anolog does?

    3. Does it add affect latency?

    4. Is it 'better'

    5. Is it 'worth it' - I see a lot people with 'clock issues'

    Any newbie advice would be really appreciated.


    I just think that when a product has been known as 'x' since 2003, then calling it 'y' is a bit daft 8 years later.

    Us brits had to change our chocolate bar 'Marathon' to 'Snickers' to fit in with the global name and after the initial 'eh!', we managed to do it ...

    It's basically the wrong name. No further argument required. You're not alone in calling it Fruity Loops, but it's still technically, wrong - and besides, it just makes the forum look a little behind the curve ...

    I'm sure you won't lose any sleep over it but I imagine it would mean changing one field value in your forum database.


    That sucks ... I buy my gear from Digital Village in the UK ( and they would have sorted that out no problem - they also give 4 year guarentee on all their stuff.

    Sounds like you need to change suppliers - that is a horrible attitude for a store to take - but if they are 'online' only (I'm not sure), I guess that might explain a few thing .. DV have lots of retail outlets and still try to act like shop owners.


    Really minor thing - but I'm sure all FL Studio users would appreciate the Forum 'DAW' list being updated ... it's not "Fruity Loops", not has it been for a long time. It's "FL Studio".

    I think we should help Image Line shake the old monikor, which (wrongly) gives its it "not a proper DAW" myth.

    I'm sure it won't be top of your list to do ... but i'm sure most FL users and Image Line would appreciate it !

    Have a good day ...


    Hey .. I still class myself as very much a noob, so apologies if this is a common question ... but this morning I turned on my Virus and it started synching all the banks .. it went through every patch in every bank. Obviously this took some time.

    It's not a problem, but I didn't ask it to do it and I wondered why it did it today :) Last night I put a new .mid bank into the extra sounds folder on my PC and played around with a few of those sounds .... but I add bank fairly regularly and it doesn't do this massive global synch.

    As I said, not a problem - just curious.

    S.S. - Virus Ti2 Keyboard OS 4.0.5

    Hello there,

    I am curious about a sustain and expression pedal for the Virus Ti2 Keyboard.

    I assume that they are seperate products ... are they hard to set up? I kinda know what a sustain pedal does and I think I want one for playing bits live .... but not 100% on the expression.

    Any recommends or reasonably price and compatible pedals?



    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

    It was actually 'my bad' ... for some reason, in my FL Studio setup, I had the VST3 version - which is basically 'bad' in FL Studio ... the whole Virus was going mental. Not sure how that slipped back in.

    All I had to do was change back the old VST wrapper/plugin and everything worked ... just been playing for 20 mins and getting my head around it ... lots of fun to be had here ... !

    God, I'm happy at last ... finally with my new Motu interface I can use all my new toys ... next stop ... vocoder :)

    Thanks for caring mate ... have a great day,


    Hey guys,

    I finally got myself a Motu UltraLite so I've got enough inputs and outputs to play with Atomiser.

    I use FL Studio and here's where I'm out

    I have a (muted) Mixer Channel to "Sent to Atomiser" .. goes out via Analog 1-2
    I have a Mixer Channel to "Recieve from Atomiser" ... comes back via 3-4

    This works ... I can send out a repeating drum loop and hear it come back

    To prove it's working - If I load up an "Input patch" from the "Vocoder and Input patches" default, my drumloop is nicely high/low passed ... and I can tweek with cutoff etc ... so I know the chain is working.

    So I load an Atomiser patch ... I still hear the loop and I play a few notes ... it's basically then turns into a horrible sound .. sometimes .. occassionally it sounds glitchy and 'ok' but most of the time it silences the loop or makes a very loud DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR stutter sound ... not pleasant. There seems no consistency etc.

    Am I missing the point ? I thought Atomiser (pleasantly) destructed beats etc.

    Any help appreciated - i'm going back the manual in the meantime :)


    Just one tip I've discovered in FL (although I agree, it's horrendous generally) ...

    When you are playing 'live'/audioning, make sure that VC is not 'open' on the screen. It makes a massive difference to the live lag (Win 7 64 bit)

    I've only just sussed why sometimes I get lag - even with the Live button on - and sometimes I didn't.

    Hope that helps someone with one problem ...


    .. i've actually got a copy of Cubase 5.1 in my bag - i'm gonna trial it and see if you're "Zero Latency, Zero problems" is true ... if it is, we need to team up and report back to Image Line

    This sounds great Martin.

    I've only got a Lexicon U-22 audio interface but I can't see to get any of the standard outputs to work.

    I've taken just a single mono 'jack' lead from Output 1 to my U22 and tried outputting the in the Common section to Output1 and *nothing*.

    I've also go a '2 mono jacks to stereo jack' and tried that ... again, nothing.

    I guess you got a full on mixing desk, but I just wondered if there was anything obvious I was missing - switching back to USB works in an instant.

    I'm a bit of noob at all this hardware stuff :)


    - oh, i've just had a thought - I bet you are using the Virus soundcard ... is that something to do with it ?

    (aside from arps and LFOs being impossible to tempo sync... :rolleyes: ) ...

    Isn't that quite a big 'only' ?? :)

    I'm getting my head around it slowly ... got it all working to the best of my knowledge - playing faster patterns in 'live' is still a challenge - end up just drawing the blinkin' notes in.

    Oh ... FL 9.1 final release out today. Go get it.