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    I've always had my DAW set at 24/96. When trying to configure the ASIO buffer for the Virus, I only get variables of 96 (192, 288, 384, 480, etc...) The Virus wants 128, 256, or 512.
    How does it effect the virus if I'm unable to give it exactly the buffer size it wants? I got it hooked up via USB two days ago and have just begun messing around with it using the TI software.

    it doesn't affect the virus. you pick one value in your DAW and that's it, such as 128 or 256; not sure where you're getting the other values from.

    I keep reading all these posts about putting usb hub between the virus and computer, what a lot of nonsense why do we accept this garbage, i don't know of any other synth that you have to put a hub between it and the pc. absolute nonsense the virus is not fit for purpose you should be able to connect the thing to a computer without all this carry on . if i had known all this i would never have purchased one !!!! i tried to record last night and the thing was changing octave by its self, no midi or usb connections !!! and changing programmes is a huge lag. the machine OS is crap !!!! Access should do the decent thing and recall these machines and refund customers until they come up with a stable operating system as it stands it is useless. all i see is folks making excuses for it on here, Don't accept it guys the machine is basically flawed.

    I would have to second these comments. Imagine how much better Access would be regarded if you finally put this USB fiasco behind you and released a new virus without these ridiculous problems. Instead you are spinning your wheels for the past decade with "contact support" for every single problem - they are all the same.

    A brand new mac pro with its insane performance should have no issues at all driving the incredibly dated TI. I wish you would finally get your act together or give some indication that things are progressing here.

    Access, the login process on your webpage seems to be broken for Safari 8 under OS X Yosemite. It doesn't say bad password, just keeps showing the login popup over and over.

    im starting a clean system and unable to grab the TI installer, will have to pull it from another computer.

    I thought you you may want to know.

    Has anyone figured out a decent way to mount the TI snow? I wish it had something like a mic stand mount on the bottom or SOME sort of way to affix it to something. It's frustrating not having some way to bolt it to a board along with some related gear, effects boxes & the like. The shape of the Snow, while it looks cool sure doesn't make it easy...

    tie wraps

    To be fair to Access they have been upgrading the features and software of the TI and TI2 constantly for years, the TI now compared to when it first came out has loads more sonic features. Realistically other than a few layout parts and higher power processing there is little to no difference between the TI and the TI2. There probably wont be a requirement for a TI3 until the Hardware needs to be changed

    The hardware does need to be changed, like desperately. I get the sense that they cannot make USB any better than it is due to a hardware limitation.

    There's another thread where a guy said he can't get his mac pro trashcan to work with the virus. If they can't get that fixed then Access's future as a cutting-edge modern synth may be short lived, and it's going to go the way of a vintage/classic machine that only "integrates" with specific PC-based USB hardware.

    I hope they've learned their lessons for the next product because it's no exaggeration to say that their USB implementation has been an utter disaster.

    I have 2 working environments, one is OS X Mavericks and the other is WinXP. I use the beta TI version of 5.0.7 for Mac, just recently I downloaded the latest release version for windows 5.0.3, and to my surprise the installer downgraded the virus.

    My question is, does the software version have to match TI version? Is there a way I can switch environments easily without having to go through the very time consuming process of a downgrade/upgrade each time?

    thanks in advance

    I gave the VC another go recently, I used to stick to midi/audio.

    It's better, but weird shit still happens, yesterday I had stuck notes and could not figure out why, the same untouched patch wasn't doing it the day before. Sigh.. I gave up

    No disrespect intended for anyone at access, I know they worked very hard on it. But frankly I think the whole implementation needs to be re-written. I personally don't understand why "sample accurate timing" is needed at all, maybe if that is loosened somewhat to only midi accurate timing, that could fix a lot of the issues.

    Off the top of my head, 24 bits per sample × 48kHz × (6 outs + 2 ins) = 9.216 Mbps
    Add Midi/automation stream and it still keeps it well under 10Mbps, while USB1.1 high speed maxes out on paper at 12Mbps. Problem is, USB is jittery and does not stream at a constant pace. Hence you need a buffer and a dedicated hub that goes straight into PCI.
    Please correct if I got it wrong.

    USB is jittery... Then how come USB sound cards don't have problems like this?

    No need to second guess my intentions ;) I'm here to help.
    The Virus arp is relative to the first note-on, not bar/beat grid. If your first note-on for the arp is on an off beat, the arp will stay shifted in time. My suggestion was regarding the arp only. I still don't know what is the problem you are facing.

    After a perfect note-on the virus's internal ARP frequently goes out of time.

    I know people have been complaining about problems with VC, but when you dig deep into the complaints it's not always the same thing even when called by the same name, for example, "pitch problem" could be having a 44kHz audio stream playing as 48kHz (or vice versa) which was a real bug that was fixed in previous TIOS-s, or it could be pitch rises and falls that are caused by the delay effect when the MIDI time signature is changed and the delay momentarily speeds up or slows down to catch up (think tape delay).
    What I'm trying to say is if you describe your problems in detail (preferably in a new thread) it may be possible to find a solution within your current setup.
    Hope this helps.

    There wouldn't be such a degree of complaining if this thing worked like it should, come on dude, seriously. This after you suggested that I check my note quantization as a probable cause for timing problems.

    There always seems to be at least one staunch defender on every forum..

    I guess I'm not sure what exactly you mean by 'strange anomalies'.

    The things that people have been complaining about in here for years. Pitch and timing problems. Random other weird things happening, general instability. Problems that don't occur in standalone non-plugin mode. If TI/plugin was the only option, I'd have returned or sold this synth a very long time ago.

    Sorry but it doesn't help. Notes being stolen due to polyphony shouldn't result in strange anomalies, only missing notes, as is the case in non-TI mode. As for snapping to bars, come on,, seriously :)

    I have yet to learn of anyone that has a completely stable set-up. I know that USB sound cards don't have this problem, and the addition of midi should not be causing this.

    My theory is that the sample-accurate nature of the plugin is to blame, but access has not said anything about this.

    What if the timing were loosened up to simply "midi accurate." ? Would it work better than in most situations? I am not sure if we will ever know..