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    Id pay $100 ..kemper sort it out!

    it is messed up that they are advertising today "The software suite includes a VST, RTAS and AU compatible plug-in allowing for total recall, sample-accurate timing and modern automation features"

    well noooooooo. it doesn't do this, its false, and its misleading.

    Aura plugins have tried to create a plugin (which isn't great). But for kemper/virus to keep advertising it can do something it CANNOT do is a spit in the face to those currently own the synth but cannot use it on Macs (for a few years now) let alone new buyers.

    its s$#@ don't buy it, it doesn't work as it says on the tin.

    Trying here as support is slow even though the chat site says "will be answered in an hour"

    I have the plugin working ok, its recalling patches on loading as they were left. For the most part it seems to be working OK.

    issues i am hoping other have resolved-

    Timing issues-

    when I have the track with the plugin selected playing the timing sounds right. But as soon as I select a different non virus track the timing slips then drifts around and is loose and out of time.

    triggering issue-

    I have 1 track with 4 virus parts in logic. Problem is -then I can't mute/solo them separately with in logic? probably more of a logic q

    (and then playing the keyboard triggers more than one of those tracks. The virus also plays when I use the keyboard on a non virus midi channel--solved found the play Local only within the plugin)


    I'm trying all of the above, running a Virus Ti Kb in Logic with mac with catalina

    Happy to go with midi (in theory)

    First i tried Mystery islands Virus HC, bit of a pain to setup but have got it working to an extent.

    Whats not working-Changing a patch on the VirusHC plugin doesnt change the patch on the synth. The virus HC is working with knob tweaks to and from the virus...

    Mystery island help is absolutley rubbish...dont get a reply after 3 weeks of submitting a ticket and now at a dead end.

    Touch for ipad app controller. Got pissed off with the MI plug so went bought an ipad, Roland Um one midi etc downloaded touch for virus...same issue, doesnt seem to access or change patches with the virus. yes the knob tweaks work to and from the app...but again same above.

    Just downloaded Midi quest demo, ive got a proteus sitting here to so though that would be handy...but cant even get the app showing in logic?!? The site is so sh@# i cant tell if that program even works on my mac.

    What solutions actually work?!?! Has any one got any of the above working properly? Or is there some-thing else better to use?

    Ok i sent MI a video of this over a week ago, still no reply. Filter tweaks work to and from the app so midi is working.

    Virus HC asks for multimode, but then there is no sound from virus in multimode, it appears to work best in single mode.

    Any users here using Logic who can help?

    Why does the libriary patch change in Virus HC not change the patch in the virus?

    So frustrating.

    Im trying to re run Virus ti KB on a old mac pro (computer 1). But the only driver on access site is 10.7 and it appears to not be compatable ( i get the diagnostic error to unplug all cables/power of 10 seconds pressing arp edit...) but this doesnt seem to work? I previously had the virus on Catalina (on computer 2)and am trying to use the mac pro as a bit of a librarian (usb) , but run midi from logic (computer 2) using audio outs from virus to record into computer 2. Hope that makes sense?

    ive just got it today, looks promising..things im stuck on (using midi only-no usb).

    Ive got what looks like mystery island patches showing in the virus HC, and when im playing a sound, only the init patch of the virus is playing, no matter patch ive loaded.

    The controls are both working from HC and the virus.

    Ive also copied my patches into the mystery islands preset folder, but these dont appear?

    Using Logic x, Ti KYB

    Hi ive updated my computer and moved my samples etc off on to an external ssd. The standard and public patches are still in the same place. "my patches" is still in there. But when i go into virus (through logic) all of the patches i made from scratch are gone? "my patches" is empty. I feel like im missing something obvious, but really need to find them to drop them back into the correct location...unless theyre gone for some reason?? ;(