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    Hi Natspace
    I cant find the Vengeance Incubation Vol.2 and 3 soundbank , your link is broken and i dont find anything on google about that soundbank.
    I really need them, do you know where i can find them?

    After 4 days of hard work to solve it,i found the problem!

    To do it, i deleted some midi patches from virus ti patchs folder that i dont use and it seems that one of them was the problem 8|
    I dont know why but that patch made my virus vst freeze,bug.....bizarre! :huh:


    First i'm french canadian so my english is poor... :D

    Yesterday i made some music ,i close everything (computer and virus ti).
    3 hours after i opened my pc,virus ti,ableton live,and when i opened virus ti vst,it tooks approx. 3-4 minutes to lauch!!
    During theses 3 minutes ableton freeze, and if i touch it i need to close it with task manager because it dont respond...

    I rebooted my computer - uninstalled virus ti software and drivers - uninstalled ableton live - installed older virus ti drivers (1.2.3 from the cd that comes with synth. ; for Windows 32 bit ; 4.5.3 for windows 32 bit ) in this order trying again each every update if it works - installed ableton live 8.2.8
    After 6 hours of frustrating work :cursing: ,it changes anything! Virus ti vst takes always 4 minutes to load,same thing when i lauch virus control center!!

    All my projects needs my ti !! and theses 4 minutes annoys me enough to lose patience and the gout to make music..

    Please anybody understand the problem? Is there anything else i forgotten to verify? ;(


    Windows xp family edition sp3
    4 gb ram
    intel core 2 duo 2.93 ghz
    Ableton live 8.2.8
    Virus ti 4.5.3 software suite

    I seem to be getting crackles all over the place with 4.5. I never had problems with crackling before (although I have read about it from various users over the years). Now if I turn a knob (while using VC), I get subtle crackling, almost like a digital variant of a loose analog connection. I haven't messed with buffer settings yet, although nothing has changed in my setup and this hasn't ever been a problem in the last 5 years that I've had the Virus.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    Yes,me! :pinch:

    Windows xp 32bit
    Intel Pentium double core 3.2GHz
    4Go Ram double canal
    Ableton Live 8.1 suite
    Virus Ti Keyboard

    p.s.i'm french canadian so i'm not good in :D

    Hi !
    All is said in the subject! I tried many times by myself to recreate *the guitar pad* ,i also try to modify the patch named *adagio ms* from virus ti bank but there is always a différence in my patch.
    Is it made from square wave with distortion?With how many osc and voices? Detune? Maybe it's only a wave sample from real guitar??? ?(

    Link to music:

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    The sound start at the beginning.

    Anybody have an idea? Thanks! Alex