OS5 working for anyone on Win7 x64it?

  • I had a lot of trouble getting my virus to work after trying to install OS5 and had to wait a few days for support to help me out on that... I will wait for a release version before i try OS5 again.
    I have the original TI so not a TI2 and it failed the installation and every retry it failed and started a so called rollback but nothing rolled back and my computer not even recoqnized the TI anymore.
    I was really afraid i bricked my synth but now i have it working again don't have the balls to give it another go. I run on win7 X64.

    exactly that´s the problem. i even have bought a pc configured for music :huh:

  • Any update from Access Marc?

    i've changed cables, ports, and used a different card. None of them work, while the same old trusty cable/card combo works fine with 4.5.3

    Seems to be USB chipset related?
    Perhaps If we can chase down different drivers for that, its possible it will finally install.

  • I have to take back my OS5 is working perfectly for me - it works for 99.95% of the time, but when I try and use a hypersaw with an FM mode of noise it produces no sound. Have posted problem in seperate topic.

  • OS 4.5.??? Would NOT install, and I tried for two days! I tried every fix I could find and even went back to my ghosted "clean install + Audio" that is my prime backup in case of trouble (Acronis TrueImage) finally, it was either put it through the window with a bat, or try the beta OS5! OS5 installed clean, first try, everything works pretty well. I have a very mild case of the USB sync/crackle issues that seem to be rife with us $2000+ virus TI owners, but that is something I can live with as I'm an Ableton Live guy and rendering to audio is just the first step in the final product.

    Windows 7 Pro on an i5 2500 @ 3.8gHz with 16GB RAM
    Gigabyte MoBo, dedicated USB card is in the mail on its way to me.
    Virus TI Snow.