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    This is frustrating, i know.
    try this:
    -uninstall the TI
    -unplug your TI from the USB cable
    -try to reinstall without the TI connected

    if the above doesnt work:
    -go into control panel and click "show hidden drivers"
    -find the TI Audio under "sound" and remove that
    try again.

    also try changing your USB ports and cable.
    this has worked for others.

    Any update from Access Marc?

    i've changed cables, ports, and used a different card. None of them work, while the same old trusty cable/card combo works fine with 4.5.3

    Seems to be USB chipset related?
    Perhaps If we can chase down different drivers for that, its possible it will finally install.

    thanks for the replie(s)...
    i'd like to try to understand what is going on for MOST of us...
    could you expand a little bit on what you did to upgrade?

    • simple overinstall first time?
      (did it ever roll back?)
      is this your first version of TI?
      (or have you been a TI user for awhile?)

    Perhaps I'm not being clear: i cannot get OS 5.0 to install at all. It backs out at the very end. I don't have the chance to change buffer sizes, etc.

    So i have to revert back to 4.5.1, which installs and works perfectly as expected.

    I cant get this to install. I have tried everything. I have installed prior OS's what seems like hundreds of times, and this one just constantly backs out during the install.
    so far, i have tried:
    *completely unistalling 4.5.3 and reinstalling. backs out.
    *installing over the top of 4.5.3. backs out.
    *installing without it being connected, rebooting. "no virus ti found"
    *installing, plugging in the ti and turning it on during install while it says "now connect the ti". doesnt work.
    *uninstalling the drivers, removing the midi drivers, a few times this caused BSOD
    *uninstalling drivers inside control panel (with the yellow icon on the audio driver) and forcing driver to update. win7 says "drivers is already current".
    *changing USB ports
    *changing USB cables.

    important to note that 4.5.3 has and does work flawlessly.

    system info collected and sent to support.
    system: win7 sp1, dell t5400 xeons, onboard usb ports and external usb pci card.

    any ideas?

    "better" is subjective. i have spent a lot of time researching this, and the answer is "it depends"
    if you use an inferior soundcard with poor D to A conversion, you may hear a difference. It will be slight though.
    Also if your soundcard doesnt have reliable drivers, this may be an annoyance with high latency.

    In my experience, the Virus TI has EXCELLENT D to A converters and the outputs always sound great to me.

    For me, i have ALWAYS used the 1/4" outputs to go into my external mixer. With this method, i get no latency, reliable ouput, and it frees up my soundcard to do regular duties.
    I am using an RME Fireface 800

    we should check Windows/System32/drivers !!!
    becaus if we unintall or de-install the driver, mostly is the driver in SYSTEM32/driver not erased.
    so it coud be that one of two or more VirusTI Audiodriver be wrong.

    On my Win7 system, these drivers in "file repository" cannot be deleted even though I am the administrator of this computer.

    Good lordy i solved this myself. For others who might have this problem, or myself who will forget about this, google it, and end up back here:

    1.) go into device manager
    2.) under VIEW select "show hidden devices"
    3.) delete any midi devices that are currently greyed out

    this should reset each counter to 1


    last week i tried to get OS5 to work. of course i cant get through the installation process, it just backs out.

    my REAL problem is that now with 4.5.3 installed again, inside Sonar is my device called "4- Virus TI" instead of just "Virus TI" so I have to reselect it every time.
    this happened to me once before when i unplugged my computer and switched USB ports from what they were. each time you do this, i found, windows assigns another device number in front of it.

    is there a way to get into Windows registry to delete the previous 3 devices (which obviously arent connected now)??

    I got this exact same thing with WIN7 x64 and my system.
    First install of 64 bit version gave me BSOD
    Second and subsequent installations gave the same popup as Sibanger saw.
    Tried to uninstall manually, but the installer is missing from "Programs"
    As a workaround, I will re-install 4.5.3

    Is there a solution for it yet or will this take a new build?

    I havent had "satan saw" in about 2 months now.

    i wonder if people have this while in stand alone mode or only with the plugin? how about windows vs apple?

    the youtube video you showed doesnt sound like my satan saw... it sounds like a feedback loop where you are running audio in and out of your TI at the same time. i have this from time to time when using my RME Fireface, when i forget to change the presets.

    So i have had OS 4.5 beta installed for over 24 hours now. During this period of time, I have had it on for about 20 hours.
    Twice now i've heard the blast of "satan saw" on my Polar, which i havent had since the early versions of the OS.
    This is under mild use with and without Cakewalk Sonar X1b. The last time it was just sitting there and it triggered it.

    Anyone else?