Windows 7 problems with USB device numbers

  • last week i tried to get OS5 to work. of course i cant get through the installation process, it just backs out.

    my REAL problem is that now with 4.5.3 installed again, inside Sonar is my device called "4- Virus TI" instead of just "Virus TI" so I have to reselect it every time.
    this happened to me once before when i unplugged my computer and switched USB ports from what they were. each time you do this, i found, windows assigns another device number in front of it.

    is there a way to get into Windows registry to delete the previous 3 devices (which obviously arent connected now)??

  • Good lordy i solved this myself. For others who might have this problem, or myself who will forget about this, google it, and end up back here:

    1.) go into device manager
    2.) under VIEW select "show hidden devices"
    3.) delete any midi devices that are currently greyed out

    this should reset each counter to 1


  • Note in Sonar preferences you can also change the name of the device for improved clarity in your tracks.. they call it "friendly name'..