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    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know where I could find a replacement micro switch for my program/value up button - mine is all kinds of sketchy on my Virus TI2

    I've replaced a few on my JP8000 so can probably DIY it - has anyone else done this and is there anything I should watch out for?



    There have been several discussions on here about the virus sounding different in standalone mode, I've felt it in the past - my TI2 sounds delicious when attached via spdif to my TC SK48 then a bit dull when I use virus control in cubase (44khz 24 bit projects)

    I've just organised my studio and I plugged the virus back in and it sounded crunchy and delicious using the sk48 as the clock master - set at 44khz.
    Due to the ongoing problem of slipping clock when you connect this way, I decided to set the virus as the master clock and the sk48 as slave - boom, the virus sounded just like it does in VC/Cubase, a little bit duller and less.. stereo. ( should note that in the settings of the virus it still indicated 48khz as the sample rate)

    This got me thinking - I plugged in the virus to the audio inputs on the SK48 and noticed that it sounded different again at the same input levels - a bit crunchy (but also nicer than VC/Cubase). I worked out that the level sent out by the virus was causing a bit of distortion in the SK48, and if I reduced the output of the virus and adjusted the master level the virus sounded exactly the Cubase/VC.

    This has lead me to believe that in certain configurations, especially using digital connections a rather beautiful distortion was introduced by my audio card not syncing correctly to the virus and that is the reason we hear different virus sounds depending upon application.

    Now the challenge - to make the virus sound like it does when it's out of sync - to my ears I'd need to add a tiny bit of distortion/sample rate conversion to achieve the crunch, a bit of extra high eq to open up the stereo field and maybe a stereo widener to achieve the same kind of sound.

    Marc - you know about these things - does this make sense?


    Hey Marc, thanks for the super quick reply!

    I think it might have changed, or I am misunderstanding - I can load the Virus as a plug-in in Komplete Kontrol in Cubase 8.5, and then select outputs two and three from the Komplete Kontrol outputs in cubase, and they correspond to USB2 and USB3 on the Virus.

    Is there something I'm missing?

    Cheers, and honestly not saying you are wrong about this, just thought I should check if the new version does something different

    I do have some concern that it is now 2017 and the last update to the software package was 2014. That is a lifetime in software terms.
    I am rather disappointed at this point. I have gotten about 30 days of use, in total, since the purchase. They did have a good response time when I was running 8.5 and needed a fix. I hope there is the same now.

    Think you might have got your dates confused, look in the support section for recent updates (and frequent)

    So can you use SPIDF from Virus to (in my case Apollo Twin) and still use the VC controller for patches and the SPIDF for audio?

    You can certainly use the direct outputs to send sound to the virus's physical output rather than through your soundcard.

    i've always thought the thing sounds a lot better in single mode.. but apparently that's not the case.

    I chose to answer this version of your question as this is a rather basic question about softsynths and outputs.

    the Virus has three sets of stereo outputs over USB - you can enable these outputs in cubase and the Virus Control software. You can route particular Virus chanels to these outputs and each of the three can have separate effects on them.

    i hope this helps.


    I'm sorry, I can't tell what you are talking about.. uploading a patch? (this might apply to sysex. I suppose)

    can you be a bit more clear? - I'm not sure why you are linking to the music either - how is this related?


    I might be wrong, but the usb to midi connection on both the virus and the mpk need drivers to change the usb data into midi data (a very simplified way of putting it, the driver creates virtual midi devices that osx and windows can see)

    as neither device have the ability to run drivers from the other, I don't think it will work.. but someone from access might know something I don't

    - if your MPK had midi din connectors then it would be no problem, or you could go from mpk --> computer ---> virus


    this is a guess - but I think the sound to recreate is the distorted overdriven tb style sound and then add a mother of all algo reverb with healthy tail modulation to it, fade between the dry and the 200% wet.

    I think the reverb is probably something like a valhalla verb - the sound you are enjoying (the warm, spacious and slightly buzzing pad sound) is actually a super hardcore reverb tail.

    and whilst I'm at it, the producer used a compressor to keep the tail of the verb going strong..

    I love the sound btw