Would really love advice on how to recreate this sound please

  • Hi All

    I am fascinated with this sound, and have some ideas as to how I'd like to use it with some of my weird and whacky (and rubbish) compositions!!


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    I wonder if anyone could advise me on how I could recreate this sound on the Virus please? I am totally inexperienced in sound design, and tend to use patches or amend them slightly as required and wouldn't have a clue where to start with creating this one. It's the first 10 or so seconds of the sound I'd like to recreate, but as you can hear, it continues in the mix into the start of the awesome accompaniment.

    Is anyone able to advise me please, or even have a bash - I'd be very grateful.

    Many thanks.


  • sounds like just one note with lots of noise and reverb with a delay on every beat to me.. loads of distortion basically this sound is so mangled it would be hard to recreate that exact sound, try a sine or triangle waveform to start with.

  • this is a guess - but I think the sound to recreate is the distorted overdriven tb style sound and then add a mother of all algo reverb with healthy tail modulation to it, fade between the dry and the 200% wet.

    I think the reverb is probably something like a valhalla verb - the sound you are enjoying (the warm, spacious and slightly buzzing pad sound) is actually a super hardcore reverb tail.

    and whilst I'm at it, the producer used a compressor to keep the tail of the verb going strong..

    I love the sound btw