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    Hi All

    I am guessing I have done something to the mod/pitch circuit cables somewhere when I recently took my 10 yr old TI apart to fit some small wheels/castors on the underside of the main case so I can retract the TI when not in use to save desk space. I checked the cables and connectors, and I can't see any that are broken and the connectors seem to be all attached as they should be, alas the modulation and pitch bend wheels are no longer functioning.

    Any suggestions as to what I should check please? I am OK with electronics, but with no circuit diagram to follow it's a tad difficult to test anything.

    I don't really want to send my TI all the way to Germany to get this repaired, as that would be pretty darned expensive in shipping costs alone, let alone I'd be without my TI for several weeks... so I'd rather ascertain if I could have a go myself or simply live with this issue.

    Hoping someone can offer some pointers... thanks

    please contact support by email. i'm using 10.13.6 myself and it works.

    Yep, thanks for the reply. I did so Marc. Not sure if it were you I liaised with, but the resolution was for met to do a clean install of High Sierra, after which it works perfectly. I purchased the laptop off my son (for a bargain!!!) who must have used a 3rd party mouse or keyboard during his time with the machine, and though it was a pretty new install of High Sierra he was using, the TI plugin wouldn't work at all and I could not authorise the software.

    So, I simply did a clean install, and voila!

    Must say though, despite the information provided not working, the speed of response and customer service I received - given I have a 10 yr old TI - was just superb. I will NEVER sell my TI. You may not produce synths anymore, but I adore my Virus.

    PS: new post in another thread that I could do with your advice on pls :) haha

    Hi All

    I have just bought a newer MacBook Pro which has OSx High Sierra 10.13.6 and I cannot get the Mac to recognise my TI. I have followed the video explaining the new security features of High Sierra, and have clicked the allow button for access to this developer, but nothing happens when I do this and my TI is still not being recognised. I have also just submitted a support ticket and have had an automatic email response.

    Thought I'd also post here just in case anyone else has experienced this issue.

    The message below the video asks about third party mice/keyboard/trackpad - I have installed all official Apple products; the Apple Magic Mouse, Apple keyboard, and Apple Trackpad - and cannot get my TI to be recognised.

    While I await a response from Marc or another support expert, I thought I'd ask does anyone else here have any suggestions please?

    Many thanks.

    Also, when I plug the TI into the ususal USB port on the Mac, I lose my Bluetooth functionality - the bluetooth Apple Maginc Mouse and Apple Keyboard lose connection and the Bluetooth icon on the menu bar keeps turning off and on over the course of 10 seconds or so. As soon as I unplug the TI USB cable, the Bluetooth functionality returns to my Mac.

    It is increasingly looking like I will be reverting back to El Capitan (I cloned a nice new SSD from the internal HDD and it is this SSD that is now the main internal boot drive of my Mac and is the drive I upgraded to High Sierra). I will return the HDD to the internal location which of course still has a working copy of El Capitan and whichever TI version is on it,, then will clone the SSD again and not upgrade to High Sierra.


    I have just apgraded to High Sierra 10.13.6 and it seems I have problems with LogicProX and my TI. Running latest version of LPX, when the plugin does load in an existiong track recorded with the TI, I get horrid sounds and screaches when the TI is triggered to play any patch. When I create a new project with a new TI track, I get nothing.

    If I add an alternate sofware synth on that track and play the TI, the MIDI is getting through as the notes on the soft synth play when I play keys on the TI, but when I select the TI as the instrument, I get nothing.

    Time to research, and I may end up submitting a ticket for help, Marc.

    Hi All

    Maybe I am missing something here but I am using my TI to create a song, where at some points I am using only a bar or two of a certain patch, and again at another point in the song I am using a few bars of another patch. I am also using the TI as a main lead so this patch appears regularly throughout the song.

    I want to be able to render only those sounds of a few bars to audio and use them ad lib in the piece. However I can find no way other than bouncing the entire piece - thus all the TI tracks are bounced to audio.

    So, am I missing something here? Is there a way to do this please?

    When you open the TI as a software instrument initially, make sure you select multi-timbral, and then select the number of MIDI tracks you wish to use on the TI. You can't have more than one instance of VC open unless you have two TI's :)

    From what you have said, no i don;t think so. Sounds like it could be related to the ominous clicks and pops associated with earlier versions of VC OS. Maybe send a support ticket?

    I've had my new TI2 desktop for a few months now, love it, but I've noticed that the last few times I've played, I get a random click in the middle of whatever I"m playing. It doesn't matter which outputs it comes out of (I'm not using it in VC mode). Just a random click, slightly audible but definitely noticeable. Doesn't matter if it's on single or multi, either. Any ideas?

    I noticed this just this morning when I turned my TI on with Logic. It was a regular very light click, on each TI MIDI channel, and nothing that I could find was related to the BPM setting. I simply created a new configuration in AudioMIDI set up, and it fixed it. I must look back at the previous config at some time to see if when I select that, the clicking is back again.

    Hi All

    When I launch LogicProX, I am sometimes presented with a dialogue box asking if I want to use the Access Virus TI (Bit accurate) driver...?

    Can someone explain what the difference is please,

    (1) between the Access Virus TI (Bit Accurate) and Access Virus TI (Core Audio) drivers, and

    (2) which one I should be using under what circumstances.

    Many thanks.