Mod and Pitch wheels not working - TI Keyboard

  • Hi All

    I am guessing I have done something to the mod/pitch circuit cables somewhere when I recently took my 10 yr old TI apart to fit some small wheels/castors on the underside of the main case so I can retract the TI when not in use to save desk space. I checked the cables and connectors, and I can't see any that are broken and the connectors seem to be all attached as they should be, alas the modulation and pitch bend wheels are no longer functioning.

    Any suggestions as to what I should check please? I am OK with electronics, but with no circuit diagram to follow it's a tad difficult to test anything.

    I don't really want to send my TI all the way to Germany to get this repaired, as that would be pretty darned expensive in shipping costs alone, let alone I'd be without my TI for several weeks... so I'd rather ascertain if I could have a go myself or simply live with this issue.

    Hoping someone can offer some pointers... thanks