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    Hi All

    I had a major panic yesterday. I've been through hell these last two years (personal reasons) and have very much neglected my hobby of bad music making. So, yesterday I decided I'd upgrade to the latest OS (I think!!). I have a MacbookPro with 10.9.2 and I use Logic Pro 9.

    So, I downloaded the latest OS from the Access www site and started the upgrade process. About 2 minutes in, my TI (Keys version), just simply turned itself off - and at first I thought this might be part of the upgrade process, however, after ten mins, it remained off and I knew there was something wrong.

    I then spotted on the upgrade app running on the Mac, that there were instructions to remove cables etc, and press the Exit button at the same time as re-inserting the power cable, then re-run the upgrade process again. i did this, re-established all cable connections and sure enough, everything resumed and ended up well.

    I will admit to being a tad panicky, especially when the TI wouldn't power on, but it didn't take long for everything to resume after following the instructions.

    I wanted to post this in case anyone else out there sees similar power downs when they upgrade. I am not sure if I was simply lucky, but it all worked in the end.


    Smashing find, thanks for this. I also commented on the Youtube section too.

    I have always wanted to try to replicate a smashing arp sequence on a chillout track i have always liked. I am going to have a bash at this soon using your method.

    PS Matt... guess what... Gary Numan also uses a Virus TI :)

    Check it out...

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    Hey Matt,

    Thanks John, Would i hear the Gary Newman lead on the Exposure album?

    Not sure to be honest as I don't really know his Albums, just several of his singles, and his particular 'sound'. Have a listen perhaps to his tracks called 'Are friends Electric' and 'Cars' (especially) I am sure you'll hear the sound on one of those.

    pleased to say that earlier I received a phone call from Ollie Winiberg-Betell who presents the BBC Introducing show! He's going to be playing this song this Saturday from 8pm.

    OMFG!!!!! that's awesome. I know I don't know you but... really... and I mean REALLY pleased for you. Well done. It is well deserved though as this is a super tune.

    Well Chuffed is an understatement! I cant wait!

    I bet!

    The station is 95.3FM Please tune in if you can!

    I shall try.



    Hi All

    Weird problem that I assume is down to me!!

    I am playing the patch "RAM-A 28 DR.What?HS" and have set up the VirusTI in Logic Pro 9 on it's own track. I want to record single notes from this patchover a 16 bar phrase;

    B - 4 bars, D - 4 bars, F# - 4 bars, B - 4 bars

    However, when I play the second note D, this latches onto the 1st note B and the arp changes to include the D and B, then when I play the third note F# this also adds itself to the arp and the arp is now D-B-F# - same goes for the octave B?

    I am not holding each of the notes down, I am pressing them individually. I have also clicked 'Hold' in the Virus Control window in Logic Pro so that it is not illuminated.

    Can someone advise me please how to get this patch to only record the single note and not add notes to the arp as I play them...

    Many thanks.


    What DAW do you use...? If it is Logic Pro, I am happy to make a screencast for you that shows you how to add 16MIDI tracks easily.

    You add the Virus as a plug-in, and then simply add up to 15 additional tracks (16 in total) that correspond to the channels in Virus control. This allows you to have 16 patches loaded, one on each MIDI track.

    I can't ask for a clearer post - thanks for taking the time and describing your setup. I belive you are using the input through functionallity which is a bit lacking, since it does exactly what it says on the box - passthrough... So reduce input through to 0, and instead select a free part, and in it create aptach with the input module turned on (remember to select the correct input source). Now you can apply all the functionality of a Virus patch on the input sound as if it was created by the oscillators.

    Awesome answer - thank you. I will try this out tonight and report back - thanks.

    I would like to be able to feed an audio signal into the SPDIF-in on my Virus using my SaffirePro 14.

    My current routing is thus;

    SaffirePro14 out 1&2 : 1/4" jack sockets - fed to Tannoy L&R monitors
    SaffirePro14 out 3&4 : 1/4" jack sockets nothing is physically connected to these on the rear of the Saffire, but can replicate 'out 1&2' and route to headphones using Saffire mix control
    SaffirePro14 out 5&6 : SPDIF - connected to Virus SPDIF-in
    SaffirePro14 out 7&8 : DAW loopback for recording any audio signal playing on Mac (from the internet / iTunes / Spotify etc)

    SaffirePro14 in 1 : se x1 Mic
    SaffirePro14 in 2 : free / not used - will eventually use for guitar input.
    SaffirePro14 in 3&4 : feed from the output of my Yamaha mixer which has several other synths and devices connected to it (Korg MARMA, KAOSS pad, Boss DR drum machine etc.)
    SaffirePro14 in 5&6 : SPDIF - connected to Virus SPDIF-out

    Everything works flawlessly, and the quality of the sound out from the SaffirePro14 is excellent to my amateur ears. The Saffire Mix Control software offers extremely flexible routing; allowing for a huge range of configurations.

    If I set the signal to be sent to the SaffirePro14 SPDIF-out to be either SaffirePro14 Input 1 (the Mic), or SaffirePro14 out 1&2 (Yamaha Mixer output) - will this allow me to use the Virus as an effects box either on voice at the microphone, or whatever I set the set out on the Yamaha mixer?

    I thought I set this all up as above yesterday, but whatever changes I made on the Virus parameters (cutoff, reverb, delay etc) had no effect on what I sang into the Mic, or what I played through to the Virus from the mixer.

    Phew... hope I explained things clearly enough there.

    Hope someone can help.

    Personally I prefer my audio device (Safire in this case) to be the master (to control the sample rate) in these setups. Most audio devices can be controlled easy through their control software. If you set the Virus to auto or external sync, you will never have to worry about that again. Even when you open a project with a different sample rate, the virus will automatically follow your audio device. The other way around (as described earlier) you might need to do that manually.

    Many thanks for this advice. I wonder could I ask another question please.

    If I wanted to use the Virus as an effects processor and feed a signal into it... can I somehow route one of the inputs from my Saffire Pro14 through to the Saffire SPDIF out (which subsequently is connected to the Virus SPDIF in) and then use the Virus to mess with that signal?

    I tried this yesterday but got no joy - not sure if I was doing it correctly or if it isn't possible. I did change the input in the Virus config panel to be from SPDIF rather than Input L+R, but changing any of the parameters on the Virus didn't result in any noticeable change in sound.

    Any advice on that please? Thanks

    Excellent, many thanks.

    One further question: do I have to purchase two SPDIF cables... one to go from the Virus SPDIF out -> Saffire Pro14 SPDIF in and another to go from Virus SPDIF in -> Saffire Pro14 SPDIF out...?

    Or, do I just need the one cable from Virus out?


    My newest Audio device (Saffire Pro 14) happens to have SPDIF in/out connections and I am considering connecting the TI to this. Can someone please advise me of what signals are sent on the SPDIF and also, do I simply connect the SPDIF out from Virus to the SPDIF in on the Saffire Pro14?

    Many thanks.

    Hi All

    I wonder if this is possible can someone advise me please.

    I have a separate synth that I use via MIDI USB to Mac and sound out through my Saffire Pro14. However, as the TI sends MIDI through USB and VC, is there any way I could route the MIDI from this external synth through the TI MIDI ports and have that sent to the Mac via part of the TI USB?


    Hi All - OK, I know this will sound rather daft, and for someone who has had a TI for many years will no doubt create a laff, but I am having trouble creating an audio track from a Virus track in Logic Pro

    There's a song I am working on with a mate containing a few tracks, one of which is the TI. My mate doesn't have a TI, so the way we work is that we share the Logic file and I create an audio track of the TI stuff. But for the life of me I am unable to get that track 'bounced' as audio.

    It's about a year since I last used the TI - everything is upgraded to V5, the TI works fine, and there's no difference in my rig - but when I bounce the track in 'realtime', no audio gets created. Can someone advise me please, simply - how do I create audio in Logic Pro from any TI track?