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    I wonder if you could let me know how you measure the latency please?

    Hi All

    I use my TI with the SPDIF-out connected to my Focusrite SaffirePro SPDIF-in, I don't use the Audio outs on the rear of the machine. When my Mac is off, I am able to play the TI and hear the sound as the outputs are sent over the SPDIF port to my soundcard and thus on to my monitors. So, all good yes.

    However, when I am in VC in my DAW (I use LogicProX) my output is sent over the USB and NOT SPDIF. I found this out as when I unplug the SPDIF cable I can still hear what is being played thus it must be routing through the USB port.

    Q1: Why is this the case?
    Q2: How do I get the sound output from the TI, when in VC mode, to route through the SPDIF port, please?
    Q3: Assuming this can be done, are the 3xStereo channels still available when outputing to SPDIF?

    Thanks all.

    How does one turn on Hold mode?

    So, there's no way to just adjust tempo with just one dial (as, I can't hold a button and a knob while playing). I notice that when I use my Korg minilogue as my controller, the tempo knob seems to work perfect... unfortunately, that's not the controller I generaly use for this.

    There's a HOLD button in the ARP tab of VC, and it is SHIFT+Arp-On on the keyboard.

    I am not sure what's happening here as this is usually controlled by my DAW or a master clock. So, apologies, I can't help you on that one.

    Slightly disagree here Marc, I'm afraid. Even the weight of the unit itself is very very light. i appreciate that's not a specific indicator of quality per sé, but compared to the replacement unit I installed (same voltage, surge protector built it, higher power rating), it is very light indeed.

    I also appreciate you may not have had 'many' issues with power supplies, but personally, for £2500 (when I bought mine) I would have expected a power supply to last as long if not longer than the quality synth the TI itself is, not become intermittent thus rendering my TI unusable.

    Hold mode is available, both in VC or on the keyboard.

    Patch tempo can be adjusted via automation or by "Shift-Env Attack" I think! Not at TI just now so can't remember exactly, but it is SHIFT plus one of the Envelope buttons.

    On my original TI there are additional button functions for the SHIFT key written underneath the regular function - but the colour is dark red against the black background of the TI which makes it hard to even see let alone read. You may not have noticed this.

    Hope it helps.

    Hi All

    Not sure if I had seen this before anywhere on here, so as I find it useful, I thought I'd do a quick video showing how to set the TI up with 3 x Stereo Outs within LogicProX, and then assign one of those outs each to a MIDI channel in Virus Control plug in.

    Hope it's useful to some.

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    In order to stay away from future problems, I'd suggest you replace the with the proper one which can be ordered online from Access or Thomann.

    Rather disappointingly, the internal power supply provided with the Virus is of fairly low quality - which is a shame since it is installed in an extremely high quality synthesiser. I have replaced the power supply with one rated much higher and of much better quality.

    Ok, so I am wondering if this is at all possible please?

    I am not using the TI as an audio interface, so I feed my Mic into my Focusrite Saffire Pro firewire audio device, and into LogicProX. I also feed the SPDIF from the Virus out into the Saffire Pro - all works fine and I am able to record as one would expect. What I would like to do, is to somehow route the Mic signal (or any other audio within LogicProX) into the SPDIF of the Virus so I can make use of the effects in the TI.

    In a nutshell... is this possible please?

    Well, after reading what a few others had tried given similar circumstances, and also given that my Virus is many years out of its warranty, I decided to take the risk, open her up and take a look. The internal power supply is simply a plug-in type (excuse the pun), similar to those supplied with laptops, and I had a slightly more powerful power supply unit that I could use, so simply swapped them out.

    I am delighted to say that I now once again, have a fully functioning VirusTI

    Very happy.

    Most probably the storm killed the Virus power supply. If the warranty has already expired and you are not afraid of opening your polar up, you can replace it with another one with the same spec (voltage, current, regulated) and similar shape so it will fit the housing (maybe with the help of some padding) at the other side of where the cable plugs in. Test it by unplugging it from the main board, connect the power cable and measure the output voltage at the plug.
    If its OK, the next suspects are the capacitors and replacing those is more challenging.

    Hope this helps.

    Hi Bob - very informative post, thank you. I am experiencing a similar power up issue on my TI, and am wondering if you have any idea as to what the spec of the internal power supply of the TI is please? I am thinking it would be considerably cheaper to purchase and install a good quality regulated power supply than the repair and shipping costs to and from Germany would be. Hope you see this and can help. Many thanks.

    May I ask how much the repair cost please, Chris? As you read - I am experiencing a similar issue but life is pretty shitty for me at the moment and I need to consider how I save for the shipping and repair costs. Hope you don't mind my asking, if you're happy to let me know, by all means message me. Thanks matey.

    Well, sadly I think the time has come to temporarily discard my beloved TI. I had a power outage this morning for no more than 15 mins, and though I have experienced a similar issue when again I lost power (probably 6 months ago, again only for around 15 mins), my TI has decided it is ignoring me, and is simply not turning on. I have done the 'remove all cables, wait 30 s, press EXIT key' etc, many many times. Doing this worked after the second or third attempt the previous time this happened, but it seems now that my TI has died.

    I was only on my TI last night, with everything working perfectly. I have been one of the lucky ones never to have experienced massive issues with clicks or pops, nor sync issues so often reported - mine has worked flawlessly for many years so now seems really disappointing for a high end, expensive synth, to have a power supply issue not allowing the TI to turn on.

    Sadly, I simply can't afford to ship this to Access, nor currently can I afford any expensive repairs.

    If anyone has experienced similar issues I'd be delighted to hear from you. I'm a very sad chap today.

    Hi All

    When I play a note on my TI keyboard, LogicProX shows this note in the transport bar as a semitone higher than the note I am actually playing. So, if I play the chords of C, it tells me I am playing the chords of C#

    I initially posted this to a LogixProX forum, the reply I received was this...

    "It seems you have some kind of transposition in your keyboard controller.If you see in the NO IN/NO OUT window in the transport section that it shows C# instead of C it means that the transpositionis happening before any Logic processes (unless you didn't do something in the environment). If Logic says it receives a C# then it's definitely receiving a C#, so your keyboard is sending a C# when you press a C key."

    So, not too sure what i may have done on the TI to cause this. How can I correct this please?
    Many thanks.

    Hi All

    I have started looking into creating a remote template for when I use Logic software instruments so that I can use my TI as a control surface for the most commonly adjusted parameters in those synths. I have managed to get it to work, except for a few frustrating issues along the way which I hope Marc or Jørg or someone here can possibly help with.

    The main issue is when I try to create a new template after selecting an INIT TEMPLATE > Save, nothing happens! In fact, after I type in the name of what I want the template to be called, it reverts to INIT TEMPLATE and simply doesn't save the template as I named it. Any suggestions as to why this is the case?

    I have managed to get it working by using one of the existing templates.

    The second issue I have is that the AMP Decay and AMP Sustain knobs don't get recognised.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks all