Is there any way to bounce only a specific TI section or track?

  • Hi All

    Maybe I am missing something here but I am using my TI to create a song, where at some points I am using only a bar or two of a certain patch, and again at another point in the song I am using a few bars of another patch. I am also using the TI as a main lead so this patch appears regularly throughout the song.

    I want to be able to render only those sounds of a few bars to audio and use them ad lib in the piece. However I can find no way other than bouncing the entire piece - thus all the TI tracks are bounced to audio.

    So, am I missing something here? Is there a way to do this please?

  • In Cubase you can do some sort of solo track plus freeze track trickery to get what you want. Did it once when I tried to wrap my head around all the TI stuff but forgot how it was done exactly. However, you're on Logic and it woudln't apply anyway. But the general concept might work - AFAIR, there's a freeze option in Logic as well.

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  • depends on the DAW. but in Logic it doesn't because Logic doesn't do online freezes. If you solo the regions in question, set locators around those and bounce ONLINE (cmd-b), it'll work.

    Thanks Marc!