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    happy to report that I get NO crackling sounds.

    I was one of the ones who had trouble with the previous version of os 5.

    Everything is clear and crystal clean as regards to audio fidelity.

    Cubase 6.5.3
    Windows 7 x64
    Steinberg MR816x

    Everything good!


    I tried this experiment. This was my third time installing os 5.0.1 and trying to find a work around.

    In cubase 6.07 x64, I switched from my main audio device (steinberg mr816x) to the virus as an audio device. I noticed that the virus device was defaulted to 128 buffer setting. I then go back to my main device and set the buffer to 128.

    The crackling diminished but only for that session. Once I closed cubase and restarted, I couldn't reproduce this effect. I even changed the virus to 256 and my audio interface to 256 and the crackles remained. I shut down the computer and rebooted and still the same. I did notice that the virus 2.9 driver defaulted to 128 (even if I changed it to 256) on each startup of cubase.

    So I'm back to 4.5.3. I'll stay here for now. I've prepared some requested files for the access support team to peruse.

    I did notice that in virus driver 2.8.45 (os 4.5.3) the default buffer setting on the virus (as an audio device) was the same as what I keep my audio interface 256 .

    But In 2.9 (OS 5.0.1) the virus driver defaulted to 128 and if I changed it 256, it would reset to 128 on the next start of cubase.


    I gave the beta another shot this weekend. Previously I experienced some light crackling with each patch played, which was enough for me to rollback.
    I was very deliberate in installing the os but still got the same crackly sounds.

    1. unplugged the virus usb cable
    2. de-installed 4.5.3 through the control panel
    3 installed OS 5 beta,
    4 plugged in the virus,
    5. watched the update complete successfully
    6. restarted the computer
    7. reset the virus by taking out cables, power plug, and then pushing arp edit whilst plugging in the power
    8. started up cubase
    9. instantiated virus control
    10. played the first patch in os5
    11. still heard faint static and crackling
    12. tried the init patch and experienced the same

    Thats a good description of what mine sounded like.

    Before 5, i didnt have any problems.

    Os5 sounded crackly, i lowered the buffer and the crackling noise dimished,

    Reinstalled 4.5.3 And the virus sounded like it was severely bitcrushed

    Only way i got back to normal was to do system restore to a time before i installed os 5

    The deinstall instructions would blue screen my computer any time i tried to manually update the usb driver or plugged virus into another usb port.

    Spin, i had trouble as well rolling back. I did manage to reintroduce 4.5.3 to the virus but the sound out of the virus was a harsh scratchy digital noise

    The only way i recovered is by doing a system restore to a time right before i installed os 5

    Virus ti
    Windows 7x64
    16gb ram
    Cubase 6.07

    4.5.3 is in support and downloads

    You have to use the pulldown box and switch from latest additions to virus ti

    My 4.5.3 rollback went horribly, my virus spunded broken and corrupted with horrible scratchy noise I had to do a windows system restore to get the virus back to normal.

    Also the instructions to rollback caused my system to bluscreen when it came time manually install the usb driver

    Hans, if your question was for me.

    No, i'm on 5.0.1. I was able to make it work for my system by dropping the buffer to 128.

    I understand that may not be a solution for other systems/processors (bigger cpu hit when working at those low buffer)

    I had alot of noise and crackling sounds after installing os 5.0.1

    Also multiple sync errors when switching patch to patch.

    I was able to resolve both by dropping my audio interface buffer to 128 from 256

    My specs

    3930k core i7
    Asus p9x79 ws motherboard
    Windows 7 x64
    Steinberg mr816 audio interface
    Cubase 6

    I was able to install os but had major problems with crackling sounds and multiple red sync errors on old projects that featured os 4.5.3 version of virus control

    I was able to resolve this by lowering my buffer to 128.

    Now virus control works perfectly again in the limited tests run thus far.

    My specs

    Virus ti desktop
    Windows 7 x64
    Core i7 3930k
    Asus p9x79 ws
    Two steinberg mr816x firewire audio interfaces

    If I understand you correctly.

    you can't use any more than the the usb outs on the virus. usb1, usb2, and usb3.

    There is no way to get extra usb outs with the current operating system. All your Virus tracks are going to either be routed to the usb1, usb2, or usb3 outs.

    IN the past, I saw this as a limitation. But I've now made it a habit to bounce my midi tracks to audio.

    To get extra control, you'll have to export some of those midi (virus ti control) tracks to audio.

    For those who are looking to upgrade to to the Sandy Bridge -e chips (3930k, 3960k,3820). Here's some thoughts on my recent build.

    Asus p9x79ws motherboard
    Core i7 3930 k
    Cubase 6.05
    Windows 7 x64
    Steinberg mr816x (running at 256 audio latency)

    I couldn't get the Virus Ti software to install with any of the usb2.0 or usb3.0 ports on the back (i/o section) of the motherboard. These ports would never recognize the virus.
    However, I was able to get the Virus TI operational using the onboard usb ports that are designed to attach to the front of the case and to breakout adapter cable. With these ports, the Virus is instantly recognized and performs flawlessly in Cubase 6.05

    Since the motherboard comes with two onboard usb headers. I was able to get two usb ports to the front of the case and two usb to the back via the usb/esata adapter cable.

    Haven't investigated the inability to use the back usb ports but I will try a pcie usb 2.0 card in the future.

    But everything is running great. :thumbup:

    FYI for those looking to upgrade to these new boards (lga 2011) and chips.

    im using cubase6 and win 7 x64 and connection has never dropped.

    one thing I had to tweak was in the power saving settings (control Panel->hardware and sound ->power options). I had to disable USB turn off, so that My USB ports are always on and never sleep.

    also I found that setting my MR816 audio interface to 256 latency setting, worked the best with virus.

    I previously had issues with the Virus VST Control not syncing when starting cubase. It would take multiple cubase restarts to have the virus ti connect.

    Ever since I went to x64 windows, I have not had one issue.

    920 core i7
    gigabyte x58 ud3r
    12 mb ram
    windows 7
    cubase 6
    virus ti