Are Windows XP, Vista or MacOS 10.5 still important to you?

  • Dear Virus users,
    with upcoming new operating systems (OS 10.8 and Windows 8) in mind, we are thinking about discontinuing support for Windows XP/Vista and MacOS 10.5 (PPC and Intel). The reason behind all that are actually two reasons. First, it becomes increasingly hard and eventually impossible in the future to support the old operating systems and the new ones at the same time. Secondly, our expense in time for testing increased dramatically and we would rather have more time to test on up-to-date systems than on deprecated ones. In addition, many sequencers do not support old OS versions anymore, so there are multiple reasons for you to upgrade in the future.

    I'd like to see a show of hands and eventually some constructive comments from your end in here.
    thanks and have a great weekend,

  • Having just taken the plunge and eventually moved over to win 7 this week I can say that XP is dead to me. My whole system works flawlessly and virus control is stable. I would imagine that most people would exchange support for soon to be obsolete opperating systems for a more stable, bug free and more thoroughly tested VC.

  • It makes soild technical and business sense to stop support for XP.. XP was a stable and solid o.s., but win7 is significantly superior... and for once, it is neither a difficult nor expensive upgrade.
    I am using win7/64, Sonar/64, Maschine/64 and all playing nicely together.
    FYI , NI has stopped officially supporting XP in the recent 2.5 update of Traktor and most customers did what i did..upgraded then most said "crap, should have done this a year ago" :)

  • I just googled Mac OS 10.5 and it tells that was Leopard, I've heard a lot of negativity about Lion and even though I've recently upgraded to Lion and I'm not having many issues myself personally I know I had to part with £130 to upgrade Logic from 8 to 9 so it would work. I was a bit upset that that latest Mac OS didn't support Logic 8 as I bought that with my Mac 3 years ago..

    So even though I'm happy using Lion, I think there's a few that would still prefer to use Snow Leopard..

  • Windows 7 x64 here though I still use 32-bit Reaper + 32-bit versions of my plug-ins.

    Last time I used XP on my main machine must have been in 2008 so at least 4 years ago, maybe close to 5. I skipped Vista completely.

  • First of all, I must say that seeing a lot of people using Win7/x64 with no problems is quite a counter balance to the BSOD thread.
    Now, I'll take the risk of sounding like I'm trolling this thread, and I probably won't tell you anything that your R&D people don't already know, but I must get it off of my chest: While supporting old OS-s may seem fruitless in the short term, in the long term it forces you to design a better SW architecture, that will save you time when moving to the next OS (Win8 is already here). I'm talking about building your SW in levels such as OS independent driver logic, driver API translation wrapper, and then the driver API imposed by the DDK. I think your life is easier with the VST plugin, am I right? There are usually a lot less incompatibility issues to worry about in that level of SW. Just the usual crazyness of different DAW-s.
    Anyway, I hope you see things my way, and keep on living up to your current reputation.

  • I'm using Windows XP 64, and I'm not going to upgrade my Windows.
    Discontinuing the support for Windows XP would mean for me to stick with last driver/plugin version.