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    try out the filter section distiortion , there you choose rectifier.. the osc is cool to try out ALL . you can get a snappy bass in saw. good luck :thumbup:

    I had a lot of trouble getting my virus to work after trying to install OS5 and had to wait a few days for support to help me out on that... I will wait for a release version before i try OS5 again.
    I have the original TI so not a TI2 and it failed the installation and every retry it failed and started a so called rollback but nothing rolled back and my computer not even recoqnized the TI anymore.
    I was really afraid i bricked my synth but now i have it working again don't have the balls to give it another go. I run on win7 X64.

    exactly that´s the problem. i even have bought a pc configured for music :huh:

    - i cannot see a real benefit related to making music and therefore i'll wait until everybody has supplied compatibility uepdates.

    best, marc

    i agree with militantmind , unfortunately this second filter is very important in my genre, also i read soo many have the issue ,

    not good ;)

    someone fix this asap!


    Hey.. first at all, the Os5 worked fine in Fruity Loops. then in cubase it start like bitcrush...

    i had to use system restore, too and reinstalled os5 again, now the crackle dissapear but not in sync at all.. funny, it was working for 2 minutes perfectly.

    Thanks Beginner for tipps, cant wait to try them..

    Os 5 defenitly a beta version.