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    Hey guys,

    I really need your opinion on this. I saved up enough $$$$ since 3-4 years back to buy this awesome keyboard and would like to really know your experience in using the TI or TI2 61 keys.

    I was highly recommended to buy TI instead of the new TI2.

    I'm just curious. Does the TI 2 has alot of hardware issues? Not user friendly or break down frequently while the Ti does not and not frequent?

    TI 61 keys build is better than TI2 61 keys?

    Your valuable input means alot in my purchasing of this keyboard.

    Thank you and Cheers

    Greetings to all producers and musicians,

    I'm David Gary and i'm planning to purchase an Access Virus TI or TI2 61 Keyboard.

    My home setup studio: MacPro 2x2.66Ghz Dual Intel Xeon, Motu UltraLite, M-audio keyboard 88 keys and using Logic Pro 8 and 9.

    This will be my first Access Virus purchase as i have dreamed of owning an Access Virus product for a very very long time(10 years in counting) and do hope that fellow Access Virus users can guide me thru in purchasing this awesome keyboard.

    I read about issues on pops, clicks, sync issues with VC, OS 3 n 4 issues etc on other forums. Was just wondering Mac or Logic pro users have this issues frequently?

    Thank you and Cheers