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    So what you're saying is I can't use the Virus software unless I have an AU? What's an AU?

    I know this must seem really basic but... I have the latest software upgrade. I have used the Virus control Center to back up my Virus and update the firmware. Beyond that I obviously want to get into the filters and stuff on the computer. Are you saying I can't use that part of the software without an AU? What is an AU?

    AU is Audio Units. Do a search on it via google for more info.

    Anyway, you can use your PolarTI with garageband. Tried it just now with the TI Desktop.

    In Garageband..Create a new instruments. Then on your bottom right of the garageband page, you will see an ( i ) icon. Click on Details. Click on the instrument generator and look for VirusTI. To see the plugin, click on the pencil icon next to manual word.

    Btw, i'm not a garageband user much and my main DAW is Logic Pro. You may need to find out how to do automation etc in garageband with the Virus TI to record your tweaks etc.

    Hi forum members im not sure if this has been covered on here in the past if it has I apologise, but what id like to do is record the TI's arp pattern to a instrument channel so I can layer up the arpeggiated patch im using on the ti synth with some au soft synths in logic, Is there a way of doing this through virus control? any step by step guide from you guys would be fantastic! all I seem to get is the midi notes im playing on my keyboard rather than the arp pattern

    Im also using virus control version if that helps!

    Lauch the Virus TI plugin. On the virus TI, go to Config menu, midi 2/2 and set Arp note send to ON.The aprggiated notes will be shown when you record.

    When you are done remember to turn OFF the arp send note.


    Thanks for that explanation but I would also like to know how to draw in the automation for the filter cutoff in Logic.
    I just didn't see "filter cutoff" in the list of automation assignments. Also, I tried to automate a different
    parameter in the 2nd or 3rd patch of the Virus TI plugin while using it as a multi instrument
    but it automated the first patch only. There was NO automation drawn in the first track but yet it was still
    automated. What's up with that?

    What you need to do is to make new multi timbral tracks.

    1) Select new track or the + sign and tick the multi timbral. Input the amount of tracks you need.
    2) Use the hagmanma method below and you'll be able to automate your 1st, 2nd or 3rd etc tracks seperately.

    If you wanna draw the automation, do as what Ruari mentioned by going into the part no.

    Also, the part no will show up as well after you turned the cutoff knob using the latch automation in Logic.


    i cannot go into specifics but there are things in logic 9 which apple have changed for us. i just want to mention that because this thread talks about many things at the same time - logic 8 and 9 are not the same, in many ways. please test something for me: use the latest version ( and when you're in a situation where things are out of sync, double click on stop (so the sequencer stops and also rewinds back) and wait for 3 seconds. does this make any change to the situation for you?

    just for the record: this thread was back from november 2009, we've looked into the situation quit extensively since then and especially since OS4, there are loads of enhancements in regards to syncing.

    best, marc

    Hi Marc,

    I bought the TI Desktop 2 weeks ago and am using Logic 8 with a Macpro 2.66Ghz, Mac OSX 10.5.8. Settings as per the tutorial/pdf provided on the website.

    Using the latest Os version and out of sync happens frequently even after stopping the sequncer and then play back within 3-5 seconds. Sometimes it works fine stopping the sequencer and resume playback but out of sync happens after a few minutes or so. Also when out of sync happens, it will generate gibberish random/stuck/hang notes or completely not generating any sound at all while the meter is moving. The only way is to close the project and reopen it again.

    Hopefully, we can solve this issue soon.


    Well, we can say he's a hypocrite but do have a read on what Sean Tyas posted:

    Maybe now we can understand where he's coming from.

    If one spent USD 2500 for an Access Virus keyboard that does not work as it should, it's pretty annoying and hence his reply on the video. Maybe he felt ripped off and he chould have spent the money on something else.

    Until now, there's still loads of issues posted by forumers in this forum and other forums as well and it's good to see that Access developers are working on them issues and seeding updates.

    Oh well, we still love our Virus...Cheers

    Take your time Choond. Would ike to hear your reviews before i plan furture.

    Stil doing lot's of research on synthesis as i'm a newbie in this realm and reading up on software plugins.

    Will hear from you in the next 8 days mate.

    Take care dude. Cheers

    Woohooo..Congrats Chood. I bet it was an overwhelming moment when you got the TI.

    I read that the current sounds in the TI's are much fuller (with more mids) but kinda lack the grit and presence like Virus A. Reckon by adding a EQ with Soundtoys Decapitator Plugin, we can produce some grity and funky sounds.

    Do post more of your experiments/finding with your new TI mate.


    @Chood have lot's of keyboards and you have a Juno...wooooow.


    Thank you for the reply mate. I'm also a bassist too and am working as a freelance music arranger. My current bass is a G&L Tribute 2500L series.

    The Predator and Sylenth1 softsynth is really nice but i reckon it does not have the full solid sound like the Access Virus (mentioned in other forums).

    We actually don't have music stores that carries Access Virus even tho they have a dealer/distributor in Asia. Most of the music store here sells well known brands like Roland, Yamaha, M-Audio, Casio, Korg etc while there no high demand for equipments like Access Virus, Nord Leads etc hence we don't get to demo them or hear how it sounds.

    Also, my current worries is that everytime i work ITB, i can't produce warm sounding tracks because of the lack of audio hardwares. Then i found out about SlateDigital Virtual Console Collection plugins. I''m really looking forward to purchasing SlateDigital Virtual Console Collection plugins to give the extra life to my tracks.

    Together with Access Virus and Virtual Console Collection plugins, it's gonna be a pretty neat combination tools for my music productions. I reckon the softsynth sounds will be much better running thru the Virtual Console Collection plugins to acquire some warmth and lush sounds as well.

    Hi Chood,

    You have some happening gadgets there mate. Sadly, i don't own much hardwares. Only a MotuUltra Lite, Yamaha HS80M and M-Audio 88 keys.

    So my route is to have analog summing software which can somehow deliver a good overall sound for my music.

    Slate has a thread here:…ml?highlight=slatedigital

    They have some sound previews/demos between the emulated and the real consoles. I must say they do sound very near. Have a listen.

    Btw, can't wait to hear your reviews on the TI's man.

    I may have to hold my purchase on the TI's till i get your views...hehehe.

    Thanks Choond for the infos. Will check it our for sure.

    The SlateDigital Virtual Console Collection are softwares. I was doing research on analog summing because working ITB does not produce the warmth and the wide seperation like the analog recordings. So my reading on analog summing from other forums leads me to SlateDigital website @

    Seem like a good buy and kinda afforadable. 6 vintage consoles and analog summing for USD300. Sadly, no demo is available to try.

    Anyway, am looking forward to hear your experience with your Virus TI. Sure gonna be an awesome ride.


    Pff, don't get caught in the "this vs this" game, they each have their own characteristic sound. The idea any of those softsynths listed can compare to the Virus TI is a total joke in my opinion anyway.

    Some soft synths (Zebra etc) may be more flexible but the Virus has its own characteristic sound. If this is a sound that pleases you, just get the Virus. Plus you can't beat the hands on control the Virus offers.

    Ignore what the ohter people say. If you like the Virus, it needs to be in your studio.

    Will do mate. There will be always ppl versus this and that and it has been going on for a decade or so..hahahha. Lot's of it in gearslut forum.

    Thank you for the advise mate. Appreciate it heaps.


    Wow..awesome. Can you PM me his ebay link if you don't mind? Would like to check it out as well.

    I'll look into ebay USA as well and see if i can find the same seller you mentioned.

    Do feedback as soon as you have gotten your TI Virus from the ebay seller on the condition and how it sounds, with total integration working.

    Am also looking into getting SlateDigital Virtual Console Collection for some analog goodness to my tracks because working ITB seems to lack the grit and body.


    Thanks r12 and AtonyB for the reply.

    Sadly i can't find a 2nd hand unit for the TI 1. My dealer here in Asia, Malaysia told me that they have one TI 1 left which cost USD 3000 while the TI 2 is at USD 3300 including shipping.

    So, i'm not sure which TI to get...hahahaha.

    Also, i was told not to get the TI's because softsynth (sylenth1, Omnisphere, Nexus, Vangaurd, Predator etc) can produce the similiar sounds like the Virus which many decline that no softsynths will be at par with the Virus sounds.

    Funny thing is, why did Sean Tyas mentioned on Vimeo not to get the Access Virus?

    Thanks Blackstone and r12 for responding.

    Thanks Blackstone for the comments and warnings. Is indeed sad to know that there's so much trouble/sufferings that most virus users to have to go thru bugs/crashes after all these years and still at it even now. Given it's better now with OS 4 and yet complains are flooding in many forums etc.

    I was seriously thinking of getting the TI2 until you gave me a big warning. Now i'm thinking twice in buying it. Maybe for now, software like sylenth1, Zebra, Vanguard etc (even tho they sound not as fat as the virus) will surfice until things get better with the virus TI's.

    Still my dream to atleast own a virus unit and hopefully in the future to come.


    Btw, if we use the TI's with MIDI (not the USB) to sequence Logic and using the main outputs and bounce the sound into Logic, that should work out pretty well rite?