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    Hey Yall,

    So I am running my TI|2 with my elektrons and I am trying to control the delay rate, but I would like to do it with the delay clock on. I have tried different CC #'s but cannot seem to find the right one. I did not know if any yall knew if there was in fact a CC # for controlling delay when in clock mode. thank you in advance for your help..


    I have a TI 2 kbd and I have tried the new beta a myriad of diff ways .... extracting and installing parts one at a time ..... clearing device list of all USB going that route .... ANYWAYS even if you manage to get it installed ... is not stable .. stick wit 3.3.0 till they get some bugs worked out of it .... I only say this after DAYS of working on it ... and I dont work or have "real world" responsibilities so just as a time saver might wanna just wait ?(