"Virus TI Installer for Windows 32 bit"- Error!

  • I'm also getting the same problem.
    I'm using Windows 7 32bit, tried various USB ports, restarting, unplugging everything else, checking registry etc, and it wont instal

    It keeps rolling back the install before it can even update the TI.

    Very frustrating :cursing::|

  • Hi there,

    we know about this lack and provide a workaround really soon.
    Our Engineers working hard to find a solution, trust me! :thumbup:
    Please stay patient. Thanks!



  • Quoted by Chris

    "What are you saying? who are you God??"

    No i am not God Chris LOL, but i am concerned about about the nice people who have saved there Cash to buy a Virus Ti and them get slapped in the face because an update dose not work.

    By all means if it works on your comp then i am very happy for you and your music production ;)

    But i believe every one has a voice in this forum nice or bad and that's why this forum was put up in the first place so people can share there experiences with the Virus Ti.

    If this update is working for you Chris then please tell us your computer specs.

    I have a Virus Ti2.

  • No idea ;(

    I have tried ALL the above information and i still can only use 3.1.0

    The new update keeps rolling back so i have no clue now, DAM!!!!.

    for some reason it gets stuck around the "looking for vtmidi,sys;vtmidi.sy_"

    So i am presuming its got something to do with this..?

  • Hey, cool down ;) . I'm a VirusTI user for some years now and my experiences are, you will never be left alone by access-music fantastic tech support. At the moment business is a bit slow down because of the whole Christmas and New Year's Eve stuff... So stay calm and I'll be sure you will get a solution within January. :huh:^^

    Happy New Year 2010

    >>WINXP SP3 | C2D E8400 _ 4GB RAM _ 40GB SSD - System _ 1GB - Data | LIVE 8.2.2 Suite<<

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  • OK this is how i did it...in step order

    1) - take out all the USB devices you have, i took out the keyboard as well just to make sure, believe me all you need is your mouse......

    2) - Start the installation (make sure you have the installer "Virus Ti Software Installer" ready on your desk top)

    3) During the installation it will ask for you to "attach the Virus Ti and press OK"

    Now this is the part where it gets a bit tricky, i had the Ti on and reattached the USB but nothing happened,

    Then i tried plugging in the USB cord in different USB ports but still nothing happened (Keep in mind i still had the Virus Ti instalation running and stuck on "please attach the Virus Ti and press ok" still on my screen)

    Then i turned off my Virus Ti Via the seperate Power socket for the TI and turned it back on with the USB attached to the Virus and the Comp

    so you get the Welcome screen on the Virus.

    then i reatached the USB AGAIN in one of the USB ports then a Windows Xp driver screen appeared, and i still had the "Virus instalation screen running and stuck on please attach the Virus Ti and press ok,

    then i noticed i had another TAB on my toolbar that had "Windows Xp driver warning if you proceed this might damage your comp"

    SO in TOTAL i had the Virus TI instalation tab opened and another tab with please attach the Virus Tia and press OK, also one other with the Windows please install driver Tab, and another Windows warning Driver Tab.

    PRESS ONLY ok on the "WINDOW'S warning this might damage your computer Driver tab with all the !!! on it"

    after i press ok on that screen the rest of the instalation started like a breeze.

    it will ask you to press after the instatlation is finnished " you need to restart your computer. Would you like to restart now or later..?"

    Press "Now"

    Once your computer restars it will start to update your Virus with the latest Firmware to 3.3.4 before your desktop icons apear.

    and that took another 20 mins. weird i know.

    once that was don all my Desktop icons where back and the instalation was finnished.

    I really hope this helps other people here on this forum, i was stuck trying to work this out for days...

    If you need more help on this i am more than happy to help ya out, just mesg me and i will reply as soon as i can.


  • I checked the installation step by step and I realized that the problem was an overload of the USB ports on the motherboard. Probably they were all hubs, I then connected the TI desktop to a USB port on the front and I managed to install everything correctly. I tried only with USB ports that are directly connected to the motherboard and I was totally snubbed the front panel.
    I have personally encountered this problem by installing a virus on my new PC with ASUS motherboard p55p7d and i7 860, then in all USB ports directly related to behave as hubs.
    I hope to be helpful to someone.
    Merry Christmas to all!

    Hi! Thank you for this! I had the same problem with Virus TI installer for Windows 64-bit. But I got it working when I just turned off my external USB hard drive and run the installer again. Weird though.

  • Same Problem, drivers are not updated, the whole thing rolls back half way the installation.
    I'll try Ray's sequence this evening....

    ...a bit later.... :thumbup:
    Just installed without any problems, but I had to remove all USB hubs and disks in order to achieve that.

  • I have a TI 2 kbd and I have tried the new beta a myriad of diff ways .... extracting and installing parts one at a time ..... clearing device list of all USB going that route .... ANYWAYS even if you manage to get it installed ... is not stable .. stick wit 3.3.0 till they get some bugs worked out of it .... I only say this after DAYS of working on it ... and I dont work or have "real world" responsibilities so just as a time saver might wanna just wait ?(

  • I manage to get to the screen that says "Status: Rolling back action" before it ends in error. I have tried taking all other USB devices out apart from my mouse, but no luck. Hopefully the issue is resolved soon.

  • I manage to get to the screen that says "Status: Rolling back action" before it ends in error. I have tried taking all other USB devices out apart from my mouse, but no luck. Hopefully the issue is resolved soon.

    Exactly the same for me.
    Since some months virusTI (mk1) have a really weird behaviour... it works in some old projects but it doesn't in new ones, it's not stable, ect...
    Looks like new updates solve some problems while putting other new ones in!
    Anyway, i'm look forward for this 3.3.4 installation problem solution.

    WinXP 32 on Q6600, cubase5.1


  • What's going on?? This problem was reported three weeks ago but there still isn't a fix. Access didn't even remove the broken installer from the site.

    C'm on Access, fix this problem!

  • Reposting this from another thread:

    The problem seems to occur when it goes to update the TI firmware.

    I solved this by turning my Virus off and not turning it on when prompted... the installer will go through fine and the TI firmware will be updated when you reboot your computer.

  • I have an I7 860 and a ASUS P7P55D PRO.

    When i wanted to install virus, i always get the message that the USB Device cannot be detected. I have tried on each usb port and it doesn't work.

    Has anybody a tip how i can start the Virus. I am soo pissed, since two months my Synth isn't running.

    I have shared all my money to buy it and now with a new MOBO it doesn't work :(