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    Well, I agree to many things said here - but I think the original question has already been answered, a simple question without all the interpretations that has been put in. 8)

    Yes - develloping software is hard work
    Yes - bug fixing is a pain
    Yes - Access has excellent after sales OS upgrades

    Guess most of us know this.

    However the question just was about some more information... :whistling:

    Thanks for your opinions.

    Well, I think Virus has no realtime load meter because it would shock people that practically the 80/100 voices of polyphony with a Ti/Ti2 will hardly be ever practically reached when interesting sounds have complexity between 3-5, meaning using dsp power for 3-5 voices of the polyphony count - or in other words shrinking the best guess numbers to 16 / 20 voices worst case. This does of course not include unison and I am not sure about efx calculated in the complexity value either.

    I personally don't mind the consequences - just that I'll be left in the dark what really happens.

    While I appreciate continuous OS updates I wonder how much DSP the new features will eat... in other words how will polyphony be affected when using the new features?

    I still ask myself if virus could have a realtime DSP load meter instead of or optionally to the patch complexity guess...

    When reading this my firsth thought was as well - check the power supply...
    The power supplies are often a weak component. I've ecperienced this multiple times. While my 10+ year old Netgear Hub still works I have the third power supply with it now. Same with some yeras old LCD screen.
    Probably it helps to make sure power supplies do not run to keep devices in standby mode to increase lifetime.
    Finally many electronic devices - especially digital ones - are very reliable today - but they still do not have an endless lifetime... Most of the time they die early (first 6 months) or late (10+ years)
    Don't remind me of my expensive HW arranger... it died after 3 years and repair cost exceeded second hand prices, so there was no choice but to bite the bullet and dump it... :( Sometimes dealing with electronic devices is a nightmare...

    Nice idea - however that would mean more load as this is per voice and not just per part.
    Would like to see a real notch filter (comb style) per voice too...

    I thought what you refer to is already possible, either setting "D"irect audio output for any part you wish or changing the global audio routing of the Ti. So you still get the comfort of host integration while sound is latency free available at the analogue output of your Ti.
    You do not need to use the Ti's soundcard feature too when doing so.
    No midi? How should this work at all...
    Think I don't get what your problem is.

    ...anyone noticed that a Virus has knobs and buttons? If you want screen games you need the TI software and this is just available for PC and Mac. An iPad is no Mac... it's a big iPhone at best.

    Thanks for all info. I find it cumbersome that giving useful answers is so difficult... also the answers to the initial question seem to be logically correct. It's like the old programmers joke when being asked to do A or B and the logical correct answer given is YES...
    So the result is now: Virus TI has a backup battery and it is placed in a battery holder that makes exchange possible without soldering...?... if you are a qualified can opener... LOL ^^

    Concerning the non volatile 'Rom' memory - that could be an EEPROM, Flash or similar.. but that does not really matter much for the user. :D