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    I am a bit confused about this USB thing... almost all current USB controllers are USB 2 and should have enough bandwidth to handle several USB 1.x devices - even if there is some overhead, doesn`t it?? Non audio USB devices should also not use that much bandwidth, so can someone explain the real issue behind the curtain??

    I am waiting for Win 64bit support too... when I look at this thread I'd say access will be doomed it they can not manage 64bit support and I am sure they are working on that.

    From my own experience - I had to set up a dual boot system only to make my TI work because it's my audio interface... I'd really prefer to use my TI with 64bit Vista. Next year more and more machines will come with Win 7... and TI does still not work in Vista 64 bit...

    I am patient and willing to wait but don't let the wait be too long... :rolleyes:

    That's the old story... change one bit in an installation and you can point vice versa if trouble occurs...

    I've just checked out TI OS 3.2 beta and how funny - now things work much better! No trouble or usb errors any more when closing and reopening the TI VST in my host... but I know, that's again my XP, isn't it :D ? ...funny, now some Mac users seem to have trouble they had not before.

    I am not angry or something... I can imagine how difficult it is to write a software like TI OS... to me it just looks like OS 3 still needs some tuning to work perfect... and as long as access works on that to make all work I am happy...

    ... if it helps, it has nothing to do with the problems you're facing. if the virus doesn't connect reliably, you are dealing with an USB problem, not with an instability with Virus Control or the driver. ...

    This sounds quite unlogical... if one changes one piece in an installation and things don't work well anymore to say it's something else than this change.

    In my case USB works rock solid with TI OS 2.7.x - it's not something appearing in any case.

    I consider contacting the support.

    Last time I asked for Vista 64bit support... as I'd like to go for that.
    I only still run XP 32bit because of the TI software... but there seems no official answer to the 64bit question, doesn't it?
    Frankly, I don't want to spent too much time on fixing XP as what I really want is going for Vista 64bit or the upcoming Wn7 64 bit.

    It's somehow wicked that TI OS 2.7.5 works better than 3.1.

    I cross checked KVR forum and there are some more people having problems with 3.1. Some have gone back to 3.0.5. I haven't checked this as flashing the TI firmware always takes two coffe cup breaks... ;)

    I used TI OS 2.7.5 on XP which worked fine on my system and my host.

    Yesterday I upgraded to TI OS 3.1 but had to downgrade to 2.7.5 again because USB connect worked unreliable and connection got lost all the time - ending up with a message that my TI has not been detected at all on USB... I had to reset my TI all the time - pressing ARP EDIT while repowering. This just helped a short time - then the same trouble returned

    None of these things happens with OS 2.7.5

    Access - what have you changed in OS 3.x with USB?... ?(