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    I am trying to use the glide function on my basslines but dont know how to do it on the virus. Is it named something else or is it only through the soft knobs? I still cant use it with the soft knobs or cant hear it in effect. If anyone has any ideas would be much appreciated.
    On logic's EXS24 it is simple just adjust the fader. I am hoping it is as simple as this.


    I am using an apogee duet with logic 8 and my snow and would like to know how to obtain the best sound quality? I am running outputs from the snow to the INS on the duet and currently bouncing the audio at 24bits and 44.1khz but I am losing the warmth/ quality I was hearing before bouncing. Is this the best way to record the virus onto my DAW? If not can anyone tell me the best way.

    Also when bouncing a whole arrangement (bass) onto logic I notice it is delayed/ latency issues at 512 buffer size, any ideas on resolving this?

    Do you mean the classic Alpha Juno hoover used on tracks such as Dominator? Pulse width modulation, velocity controlled pitch envelope and a bit of chorus are the basis. A touch of white noise will help in recreating it as the chorus is noisy as hell on the Juno when switched on

    Have a listen to a couple of the audio demos for a Ti soundset I have released in a couple of days. Have some of those type sounds in demos II, V, VI

    Yeah thats the sound. Heard your soundsets, sound wicked, like the jungle one (you sneaked in a hoover at the end). Where can I get those patches you did?
    I am going to have a go at your tips, cheers guys will let you know.

    Thanks :thumbup:

    Anyone know how to recreate the acidic hoover sound? What oscillators etc and is there a patch for this?

    Thanks for the info so you reckon it's not really worth the money buying an audio interface if using the snow? Anyone else got any views on this, not just on the apogee duet but using another audio interface?

    I am wondering if anyone can give me some info on the apogee duet. I am wondering if it will make much of a difference in sound quality when bouncing the snow to Logic compared to the Snow's A/D converters?

    When bouncing sounds from the virus and using them as audio in the same arrangement as with the virus track I am not getting the same sound, quality is ok (not as good as hearing it from the virus) but my problem is the envelope of the sound. As an example my bassline arrangement through the virus sounds sweet but through the sampler it sounds like the attack has changed to give it a more kick drum sound at the start of the note, through the virus I do not have this problem. I have spent a long time changing the envelope on the sampler but still not the same as the virus.
    I am sure there is a solution if anyone has any ideas would be great.


    Thanks for that I am slowly understanding, help is appreciated.
    Are there any tutorials about this stuff ie, understanding how to get the most out of the outputs on virus control, still unsure about the different output options, what they're used for etc.

    Thanks for that, got a better idea now but still don't know:

    - how to get 16 parts from the snow onto logic can only see how you get 4 parts.

    - Also do you have to load multi timbral tracks to get the parts assigned from the snow to logic.

    - Do you have to have multi mode set to do the above. (worked out you need virus control disconnected to change modes).


    just received my new snow and still trying to get my head around a few things. If anyone has any ideas of what I am doing wrong or need to do it would be much appreciated.

    - Cannot hear each part on logic, have loaded sounds to each of the 4 parts but can't hear them individually or together.
    - How do you change the modes?

    I am still confused as to how the virus control works with logic 8.02,
    - how can I assign each part to an individual track?
    - I may be stating the obvious here but can you only assign 4 parts in one project?