Is it worth buying Apogee Duet?

  • Hi,
    I am wondering if anyone can give me some info on the apogee duet. I am wondering if it will make much of a difference in sound quality when bouncing the snow to Logic compared to the Snow's A/D converters?

  • Thanks for the info so you reckon it's not really worth the money buying an audio interface if using the snow? Anyone else got any views on this, not just on the apogee duet but using another audio interface?

  • I used to have the 0404 and when I changed it to the Presonus Firebox, the sound quality got better through USB and sounded more like the Analog I do think the quality of the converters DOES make a difference.

  • Personally I really wouldn't recommend a duet at all. A steinberg MR816x would be a much better purchase partly because you'll have 8 channels instead of just 2. Makes it a lot more future proof. Unless you are pretty sure on never owning more synths.