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    Being a big user of FL STUD10, I find that much of my creativity was impaired from using the virus control, loading projects and sometimes just for no reason the whole project would freeze and crash. My way around this was to just use midi out. But despite the total integration option, I would like to see a virus control VST that is send only, as in it sends midi data only such as patches or parameter changes, without relying on the virus sound engine to be hooked up. I use a MOTU Ultralight MK3 for my main interface and it keeps latency pretty low, and while I had my snow I found using midi out controls were best cause I could use the virus in real time, which robbed many of the perks of the TI. Don't get me wrong I love the Access Virus Family, but this VST controller could be marketed and used to control other access virus models with different unit downloads, which if charged for a small affordable fee would generate further income to access...

    Since the patch upload function is in a separate program I would think that using a alteration of a midi out program to control an access virus's many features would be a great thing to use and smaller and faster to utilize as well.

    Yes, the template above. 8)

    Yes it sends data. :rolleyes:

    It is an option. ;)

    Problem is, the AccessPlugIn can only direct play Part 1 when is active and no other Part ?( Whats up Access :wacko: Fix them with the next OSUpgrade :sleeping:

    You're playing from the plugin itself and not the midi sends, The midi sends control their selected channel, the plugin will only control its master set channel. when you want to control that instrument channel, remember to click the midi send that you want to control, otherwise your only sending signals VIA ch 1 on the controlling VST.

    I'm running a Shure SM-58 into the a Virus TI Snow (its in expert mode, to enable this go to Config/Edit config menu behavior 1/1 and set edit mode fom Easy to expert... Yay no longer do you need a laptop to start your own patches...) to play around with its effects for signal processing, unfortunately the only way I can hear anything really is to have the mic in, setting
    common/ Atomizer:off, inputmode: Static, Input select: R (its just one mic going in)
    Config/ Sensitivity +5 dbv, Boost 66, input thru 0 (no need to bypass it)

    Mic lines are clean and quiet, IMP is a hosa MIT-435, but the virus generates a hiss, EVEN WITH THE MIC DISCONNNECTED, using a hi-z mic line...

    In before: The hiss is part of the character of the instrument!

    Any Recommendations how to get rid of that annoying hiss?

    I have a virus snow, I use FL studio as my main daw, everything is done LIVE/near real time on my setup and I'm curious if I can use the virus VST as a midi out controller to access patch banks and midi port channels to control it without using the VIrus ASIO program?, Im not wanting to use the virus as a Signal processor or a i/o as 512 is a bit too high for my live use and I'll use another I/o for the onboard stuff...

    tldr can the virus VSTi program be used to control my snow without being its i/o?

    *update* after a little experimenting I got this to work flawlessly.

    please ignore this/delete this mods. Thank you. :D

    When you hook it up to a computer, the VST makes an awesome plugin for running everything, However being an FL studio user, I often get crashes and malfunctions [prolly cause I dont have it setup right] a lot, and I cant bounce my tracks with the virus included, You'll have to record the virus seperately. however, I use a virus for hands on live performance and occasional midi sequencing, this is where it truely shines, but if your wanting to program it beyond the included patches, Easy mode in the snow makes it a nightmare without a computer handy for patch editing as "easy mode" has limited menu depth....

    I use it more as a preset machine as its vocoders very "poppy" and I cant run it with FL studio my main daw outside of using a single channel of midi send.

    I know a few ableton users who dont have these problems and adore it and find that it works for them, but I've wanted to sell mine and move onto a desktop or KTI. I've used a KC in the past and loved it a lot, its jsut I'm rather mobile and cant port the board around as its so big and heavy, not that those are bad things, just makes it difficult to take to work when I have downtime.